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Just a place to meet new people, share some memes, and play some games
Gaming | Social
Bonjour/Bonsoir tout le monde Donc voilà je tenais à vous faire partager mon serveur discord qui est un serveur multi gaming, mais plus porté sur la licence MH Donc le serveur possèdent six catégories de la licence MH : - Catégorie Monster hunter Génération Ultimate (MHGU) ==> rechercher des chasseurs pour uniquement du MHGU sur Nintendo switch - Catégorie MHWORLD ==> Rechercher des chasseurs pour uniquement du Monster hunter World - Catégorie MH 3DS ==> Catégorie regroupant les salons vocaux et textuels pour tous les Monster hunter sur 3DS - Catégorie Ancien MH ==> Catégorie regroupant les salons vocaux et textuels pour tous les anciens Monster hunter - Catégorie MH Import ==> pour si vous voulez rechercher des chasseurs et jouer à des MH imports comme par exemple MHF Z, MHO, MHXX etc. Le serveur possèdent aussi plusieurs autres catégories de differents jeux comme du Pokemon, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros etc. Sur ce passer un bon moment
Gaming | Mature
Clan of like minded gamers, largely EVE vets, that play other stuff now. Older crowd, 21+, relaxed atmosphere.
Community discord for Capcom's Monster Hunter series of games.
Gaming | Entertainment
Servidor de Monster Hunter PC y Dauntless abierto a todo el mundo, sin restricciones ni normas abusivas.
Snowfall is a growing Monster Hunter discord community where you can chill out chat with other members. We also arrange hunts exclusive to those who play mhw-ps4, mh4u and mhgu.
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Hunterfell is a Medieval/Fantasy Roleplay server that emphasizes on being able to RP using any fantasy genre fiction as long as it fits the criteria, examples of series are Monster Hunter, Skyrim, Runescape, etc. Hunterfell also has a very inclusive, friendly community.
Gaming | Hobbies
Servidor para todo tipo de jugadores de monster hunter 🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉 Aceptamos gente que quiera jugar serio y gente que quiera divertirse jugando con otros cazadores. Tambiem aceptamos gente que este empezando en monster hunter. ¡¡¡Suerte cazadores espero que os unais al servidor!!!🏆🐉
Gaming | Community
An Apolitical discord focused around gaming and building a strong community around that. LGBT+ inclusive.
Gaming | Art
This discord server is mainly used for gaming (mainly rainbow six siege, monster hunter and osu) and social uses sending memes etc. Artwork and videos can also be promoted/advertised on our discord.
Gaming | Community
Come join the hunt for the new world with the Fifth-Fleets-Finest we have a custom bit that can help you with info on monsters and more we have people on every system and are looking for more active hunters. Happy hunting!
Gaming | Art
Do you like Monster Hunter? Do you want some cute looking palico emojis? We'll you came to the right place! Palico-Emojis has lots of palico emojis to choose from! So stop on by and use some of our amazing emojis!
Social | Gaming
This server is fresh, active, casual and forever pending. While you're here, you can socialize, play games together and get giveaway gifts.
Gaming | Social
For gamers and gaming
Streaming | Community
Hi, I'm Axmilli, a Twitch streamer from Singapore. Would like to make friends with you, learn your language & culture, play games together. Currently focusing on Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne on PC, looking for more players to hunt with, to help each other out. I play multiplayer coop games too. Twitch: Discord: WHEREVER you are from, let's chat & be friends!
Gaming | Community
Hi Peeps! Welcome to Fancy Bacons Gaming Hub! Here we have created a little community of friendly *adult gamers. One of our founders owns a server and hosts multiple games for us including: -Ark (Nearly every man) -7Days to Die -Terraria -Minecraft -Starbound And more. We're always adding new games and looking for fun people to join and hangout with.
eSports | Gaming
Nintendo & Switch eSports & Cooperative gaming in Calgary, and online. A Calgary based online community of gamers & game developers with a strong drive for self-improvement, both in- and out of the gamespace.