Community | Art
Hey, You - Yeah, You! are you looking for a FRIENDLY & ACTIVE community? If so, "DINO DEN" Has that and more! What we offer: An art channel to share your talents Self-Assignable roles An active community Partnerships! Open for staff recruitment (Moderators, Helpers, etc...) JOIN TODAY - NOBODY'S STOPPING YOU
Gaming | Community
Dinosaurs is the official discord server for "The Isle" game server with the same name. We are a community based on respect, kindness, maturity and most of all fun. We all share the same passion. We're thriving for high-quality game experience and to achieve this, we have a strict set of rules and a high-end gaming server. But we can't achieve this without you, so please familiarize yourself with our rules in the next channels. Enjoy your time!
The year is 2031, The dinosaurs roam the north american territory while the humans battle against the dinosaurs. What will you do in the ongoing struggles between the 2 species co-existence? We are a extremely new server made to be a Dinosaur-Human roleplay server as an alternative universe in the Jurassic World/Park franchise, What we have: —Role rewards! Will unlock more things to create and RP as in this server! —2 Starter creatures you can be, Small dinosaurs and Humans! —An area where dinosaur ocs can be in! It'd be greatly appreciated for any suggestions and ideas for more Roleplay areas. If this seems somewhat too familiar, I(Asquri) am the same person that made the Fallen Lands server.
Gaming | Science
flat earth concave earth donut earth dinosaur earth cube earth superglobe all welcome come discuss what shape and size your floor is here today, regardless of the shape the floor is MOSTLY LEVEL!
Gaming | Entertainment
-Aurora Valley Official discord server for The Isle game -100 player slot server -Semi-Realism -v3 map -Weekly hosted in-game events & giveaways -Newcomers are welcome! -Great Community -Many voice chats -Always up for suggestions for the discord server and the game server -Streamers are welcome!
Community | Gaming
Palisade is a NO RULES server for The Isle. It is a 50 person server with a safezone. Alt turn is disabled.
Gaming | Social
It's a semi-realism server with a fun and respectful community and the rules are straight to the point. The admins are active and are helpful and nice. You are allowed to suggest things that you want changed on the discord and/or the game server, and you are also allowed to make suggestions for events. There is a point system where you can buy dinos and grows. Admin applications are gonna be out soon so if anyone ever wanted to be an admin on an isle server, you have a very good chance.