Gaming | Role-Playing
TITANHEIMR hosts game servers with richer experiences than the game typically has to offer. We share a love for bringing more depth to, in particular, dinosaur simulator games. We host a fantasy RP Path of Titans server to bring RPG to that MMO, and an in-depth realism RP Beasts of Bermuda server.
Gaming | LGBT
Dinosaurs, Art, Music, Conversation, and Ideals to encourage mature and fun atmospheres where anyone who is not addicted to trouble can thrive and find like-spirited Humons!
Gaming | Community
Dinosaurs is the official discord server for "The Isle" game server with the same name. We are a community based on respect, kindness, maturity and most of all fun. We all share the same passion. We're thriving for high-quality game experience and to achieve this, we have a strict set of rules and a high-end gaming server. But we can't achieve this without you, so please familiarize yourself with our rules in the next channels. Enjoy your time!
Gaming | Entertainment
-Aurora Valley Official discord server for The Isle game -100 player slot server -Semi-Realism -v3 map -Weekly hosted in-game events & giveaways -Newcomers are welcome! -Great Community -Many voice chats -Always up for suggestions for the discord server and the game server -Streamers are welcome!
Gaming | Social
It's a semi-realism server with a fun and respectful community and the rules are straight to the point. The admins are active and are helpful and nice. You are allowed to suggest things that you want changed on the discord and/or the game server, and you are also allowed to make suggestions for events. There is a point system where you can buy dinos and grows. Admin applications are gonna be out soon so if anyone ever wanted to be an admin on an isle server, you have a very good chance.
Gaming | Community
Phantom Realm is a new uprising community for all gamers! We are passionate and have big goals for this community, a community that is meant to maximize the fun of all players on our servers! This specific Discord is made for Path of Titans and The Isle but we have other Discords for other games and genres, if you are interested join us on this Discord and check out our other servers and options there!
Gaming | Business
Welcome to Teqzah's Ark Market! The 1 Stop Shop for all Ark Xbox Official PVP related items! Why Should you shop with us? Fast Replies & Delivery of Products Secure Exchange of your products Cheap & Fair prices Support provided for every trade Flawless feedback from hundreds of customers Anything we sell is legit and isn't duplicated We guarantee your satisfaction, if somethings not right we'll do our best to fix it.
Support | Bot
Welcome to my Support, user! I'm Dinosaur, a multipurpose BOT! Here, in my support you can report users, bugs, and ask for help.
Dinosaur Land Is A Friendly Discord Server And We Have Are Own Bot And A Mod App And More!
Gaming | Community
A Small Dinosaur Gaming community with a focus on semi-realism playstyle on Beasts of Bermuda, Path Of Titans and other animal based simulation games. We will expand our servers as our community grows!