Core Game Basis

The recode for the isle is coming out soon! Now, you may also be wondering how this may affect gameplay and how the core game itself, with so many mismatched dinosaurs from different time periods and different regions all mixed together into strict environments. There are many examples of how carnivores and herbivores will affect each other in the recode. There are a few noted mentions of Carnivores having a specific favored prey item that helps the carnivore grow faster, same going for herbivores but with bush/tree/grass preferences. Do you see where this is going? Your herbivore is put on the spot by a certain type of carnivore, forcing your herbivore to constantly move to stay out of danger. Foliage for herbivores will decide how fast you grow, if you just take all your time to fill up your hunger by grazing, you will be healthy, but not a very strong animal. prepare yourselves for a roster of up to fifty dinosaurs when the recode is done being released and finalized! Now, this may take awhile to add each and every dinosaur simply because of niches, niches are a special ability each and every dinosaur is going to have of its own, for example the Dryosaurus creating a burrow, The Dilophosaurus and its amazing vision at night time, along with being poisonous. Going back to how these dinosaurs will all do in an environment together is up to the players, everyone has a different play style. Theres no correct way to play the game, from always being active and moving from water source to the next from camping one area. In the new isle it is said that all of us will be treated to a whole new world and adventure, those of us with thousands of hours will play as if we have 10. We are all new to the recode. Small rumors have gone around of poisonous plants, as a herbivore, everything wants to kill you, even your own diet. Various ideas have been thrown around by the developers of the isle, a good example is standing under a death tree for too long will most definitely blur your vision, Weaken your dinosaur, or even kill it. You are never safe in the isle and the developers are making that a known fact, though right now development lies in adding in the core assets, that does not mean what so ever that they are not working on side products. Human facilities are going underway and more ideas are being tossed around, its up to the developers to introduce us to what we see on our new island, Isla Spero. Estimated release date of the recode Febuary 14th 2020.

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