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𝕔𝕙𝕚𝕝𝕝 𝕤𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕣 Palm Plaza is a 16 and older lounge server that revolves around hanging out, making friends, and listening to music! New people are always welcome!
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Community | Social | Music
𝕔𝕙𝕚𝕝𝕝 𝕤𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕣 Palm Plaza is a 16 and older lounge server that revolves around hanging out, making friends, and listening to music! New people are always welcome!
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Gaming | YouTuber
jaishanislive join me for gaming and game related activity please join me on this discord thanks ...
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Gaming | YouTuber
"Blood Raven UK07" A fun server based on Mobile and PC gaming, show your skills and join for fun, Only active people please do your promotions, send your channel links, no restrictions.
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Gaming | eSports
The server based on Esports, you can play tournaments of any mobile games. maily FREEFIRE , BGMI tournaments are conducts daily, and Earn Diamonds, UC even paytm cash too. Other than Esports , You can chat here, listen music, make friends, fun with bots. Active & Supportive staffs.
eSports | Gaming
• Emerging Esports Server for Various Emerging Games like BGMI, Valorant, CODM, FreeFire etc. • Daily Competitive Scrims • Future Oppurtunity Guranteed. • Proper Points System and Results Management
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eSports | Entertainment
This server is currently for Valorant and Bgmi,Free Fire this server is for ->Scrims ->Competitive -> Tournaments -> Chilling
Gaming | Community
DWEEZIL GAMING is a new and growing 18+ Gaming and Social Server. We focus on networking, socializing and bringing people together for the love of games, community with other interests and hobbies. We are unified by making genuine connections and long-lasting friendships in a space that is free of toxicity, drama and negativity that is prevalent in today's online communities. If you love games, people and are looking for friends to play or chill with, look no further!
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Gaming | Community
Welcome to the Cryptic Cult Community. 🔹What is this place? 🔸 This is a place for gamers by gamers and content creators alike to have a good time while staying competitive within their games. This server is based on Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)/PUBG Mobile. We provide a platform for gamers to communicate with other gamers, content creators, game experts and experienced analysts for the progress and betterment of their gaming career. We are always working on launching new players to the competitive scenes and will be hosting our own custom scrims, tournaments. Join us in our journey for more content related to gaming, 🔹Who are we? 🔸 We are team Cryptic Cult from Battlegrounds Mobile India. #bgmi Outside that we are gamers, content creators, friends. Be a part of us. 🔹Why should you join our server? 🔸 Fun, friendly and non toxic community. 🔸 Active staff and moderators. 🔸 Level up roles granting perks and benefits. 🔸 Custom matches. 🔸 Music Fun Bots
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Gaming | Community
Hi, welcome to OnePlus Game's official Discord channel. Here you can share your gaming interests, make new friends, follow latest gaming news and reviews, report any issues, participate in events to win rewards and much more!
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Gaming | Financial
This server to sell or buy your bgmi account. Play with friends in server, listen music and have great deals ahead. View deals on accounts in specific channel and contact the seller if interested
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Gaming | Entertainment
join now LE No spamming to be granted moderator roles. Don’t force the DM to any members on the server. Only @mention the moderators for support. Ask queries to moderators in the #support channel. Don’t use tag @everyone/@here without asking for permission (If does, there should be strong reasoning). Don’t share sexual content. Don’t share pornographic content. Don’t share illegal content. Don’t share hacking material, e,g free nitro subscription. Don’t publish personal information of a member Don’t make personal attacks on any of the members. Don’t do sexting.. Don’t discuss politics (Only if you don’t taunt each other, it’s fair then. Don’t abuse in any language. Don’t talk bad about religions.. Don’t spam emojis/text in an effort to spam or bullying. Moderators have the right to delete and edit a post without asking for permission and giving reasoning. No advertisement links, banners, or any source without permission. Don’t share external links (Only if they are not relevant).