Business | Community
A community of entrepreneurs helping each other succeed. Whether you're a college student with an idea or an industry executive, this community is for you!
Business | Technology
A community for young people who enjoy business and tech
Business | Community
Basicly, the main goal of this server is to get together a big group of enterpreneurs either advanced or newbies. We want to make sure that if you are new in the business world, we are the one to help you connect with other people.
Business | Community
Hey guys! I created an amazing money making community on discord. We share tips and tricks based on my experience in ecommerce. This past week has been crazy for me and a few people in the group. We are helping new beginners with questions everyday! Group is exponentially growing every day. Join now! You can ask questions regarding: Facebook ads Shopify Creatives/ad copy Payment processors, and much more! I added tips and tricks (not limited to): Finding winning products Essential Shopify apps Supplier tips Products to test Virtual agents Custom content creation Fraud protection Ecom-support contacts Amazon fulfillment
Investing | Financial
Pantomath Trading Group is a community for stock traders of all experience levels. We are an educational and supportive community of traders. The purpose of our chat room is to learn from one another through the mistakes and triumphs of our pantomath peers.