Writing | Art
A server made for aspiring artists and writers to share their work, get feedback, learn world building techniques, and expand their networks!
Hobbies | Community
A place to find accountability partners.
Social | Entertainment
Server with real goals such as: Make real life event! Share positivty! Tell increadible storries! Everyone is friendly here as we have great staff and leader with a lot of experience! Will you join the journey?
Community | Growth
The purpose of this server is to bring goal orientated people (regardless of their field) together and simply share their work, meet like-minded individuals, and accomplish a lot more. We are new but we will continue to grow.
Community | Social
A community server for ambitious people who are actively pursuing a goal. Serious in nature, but friendly, supportive, and constructive! Bounce your ideas off us, ask for advice, chat with likeminded folks, and do so much more. We are open to all with a goal in mind, no matter what stage you are in or what your goal is. Come join us!
Social | Meme
If you're a fan of Wojak (-oomers) or relate to them, join our server!
Community | Growth
CommitLock is a server dedicated to using the method of loss aversion to complete your goals, end procrastination and fight fears!