Anime | Meme
We're a chill server for discussing and critiquing entertainment media and aesthetics. Members are welcome to share their opinions on whatever they're watching, playing, or reading. We occasionally host movie/show watching events. There are no NSFW channels. Join us!
Community | Meme
A fun place to share your thoughts, lifestyle, memes, and anything else without the constant censorship of modern day social media.
Art | Programming
To help in your procrastinating ways and bring a social aspect to those lonely tasks.
Gaming | Social
Our server is geared toward World of Warcraft but we offer a lot of other channels and topics as well as other games. So hop in and give us a try and lets get this server growing!
Community | Gaming
Gamer Lifestyle Community. We love nerdy, tech, arts and gaming
Gaming | Hobbies
Official server for content creator, Suthern Mocha! Join the Unicorn Cafe and have some laughs, chill, chat and shoot the breeze with us off stream. Become an official UniBro/UniBabe
Community | Hobbies
Ein Community Server für leidenschaftliche Film und Fotografie begeisterte.
Social | Mature
RedPill, NoFap, MGTOW, LifeStyle, Mindset.
Social | Entertainment
BAAL Community is an Alternative Lifestyle community we accept all shapes and sizes everyone is welcome!
Community | Social
No rules
Anime | Entertainment
18+ Server dedicated to otaku culture and developing healthy habits!
Entertainment | eSports
Illuminate Entertainment is a talent, creative, & gaming entertainment organization. Our goal is to spread joy and positivity with our content. We have a great community of everything from gamers, musicians, content creators, and more. Join us and network through playing popular games like Fortnite and Apex Legends with us! We hope you enjoy the content we have to offer and #illuminateTheWay!
Community | Role-Playing
Salutations from the Embassy of the Folkkin! This server aims to be a sanctuary for those who enjoy various fantasy-based aesthetics, roleplays, lifestyles... you name it! Currently the Embassy is home to goblin, dragon, orc, fiend, angel, and merkind alike! If you would like any others added, be sure to let me know. This is a very new server, but I hope that the community will grow and prosper. I hope to welcome you soon! Take care!