Hobbies | Social
Hello! This is a close knit adult based server that welcomes all gamers, non-gamers and spooky enthusiasts alike! Come support the community and stream, or hang out and join us for movie nights!
Gaming | Community
A positive, open-minded, and judgement-free server open to everyone. Based partly on Mass Effect, and the idea that we are stronger together rather than separated.
Community | Social
A place for people with OCD to hang out, chat, share experiences, blow off steam, and support each other. The server is brand new and I'm looking to add some members. Looking to make this a supportive and friendly place for people with OCD. Just created this - be a founding member!
Gaming | Social
A laid back, friendly atmospheric server to make new friends! If you are someone looking to make some friends with good vibes, we have a place for you. If you are a gamer looking for friends to play games with, we have a place for you!
Community | Social
Cute soft chill server. Comfy bots, cozy and welcoming community, good vibes, cute emotes and much more. Come join us~
Furry | Community
A furry community server that focuses on positivity! We have: -Manual gate system -Reaction roles -Hobby rooms (Art/Gaming/Fursuiting/Photography/etc) -Friendly staff -Meme channels -Sheri bot -Roleplaying rooms -(very small) NSFW section If you choose to join, we hope you enjoy your stay :3
Art | Social
Fractal Highlands is an Art centered server with a strong focus on positivity and lifting each other up. This is a place to share your art/creations and inspiration, receive/give critique and help each other get better at what we love. All art is welcome, there are members who make music, anime fan art, psychedelic art, mandalas, acrylic paintings, digital art, photo manipulation, and we would love to have more creative people join. Feel free to join if you are just starting art and need guidance, or are already a professional and want to help others we have people from all stages of artistry.
Gaming | Community
Just a place for smash players to have fun. A place for Pokemon fans can talk, catch and play Pokemon with each other. We are very friendly and always willing to adjust to what people would like! We hope to have friendly competition and be a support system for anyone who needs it!
Hobbies | Community
Heavily focused on text chatting, and sharing interests/hobbies, Chocoholics is a media dump for any of your favorite music, anime and online content (Twitch, Youtube, Art, Writing, Music etc..) We encourage sharing media of any kind, and offer venting chats to keep our community close and positive.
Anime | Role-Playing
It’s a social thing, you talk and make new friends. 🌸 😔👉🏾👈🏾 Simple, okay?
Community | Support
This is a friendly server for people with bpd (you dont have to be diagnosed) to connect with each other and socialize as well as support each other through difficult times. This is a friendly community full of support and care. No bullying is tolerated. I also plan on introducing cyber game nights and other fun activities! Come join us!
Gaming | Art
gaming, pixel art, music, Economine, positivity
Social | Community
Looking for a wholesome server? A place where you can talk about whatever interests you? A place where you're allowed to vent your feelings or offer advice for other people? Well, here's your ticket! 🌟
Community | Streaming
Welcome to The MightyMos ! The MightyMos server is dedicated to spreading positive vibes throughout the gaming community and creating a space for all of us to hangout. We have channels for all interests and have a leveling system as well. Come join the fun! Disrespecting other server members or streamers is not allowed. We are a positive community. No hate, toxic behavior, sexism, or racism of any kind. No drama allowed. At all. Don't spam, spoil things, or flood chat. Keep things in the correct channels, both text and voice. Keep all communication in English, as much as possible.
Gaming | Community
Shoebox is trying to form a community of supportive, nontoxic, and respectful gamers who want a difference in the hate online and offline.
Entertainment | Community
just Chat away to your friends! or to strangers that you don't know are upcoming friends! you can unlock ranks by leveling up from mee6!
Community | Gaming
🌻Heya, Stranger!🌻 Come hangout with us in The Garden! Our top priority is keeping a positive community and having a healthy moderator to user relationship! What music do you listen to? What is your favorite video game? Do you like memes? Then come say hi!
Support | Growth
Boost productivity and motivation. End your procrastination 100%. Eliminate toxic mentality and bad habits, raise your emotional intelligence, fix your relationships and find your calling.
Community | Social
This a community server connecting people together and making great friendships along the way!
Anime | Community
♡ →˚ *Hopeless Romantics who love cookies ₊·੭. ♡ →˚ *Giveaways, Free to use F2U server resources ₊·੭. ♡ →˚ *Partnerships ₊·੭. ♡ →˚ *Aesthetically, simple layout ₊·੭.
Community | Entertainment
🥀 ・Hello! We’re very grateful that you have have found our server. This is a very new server that we made, it’s a safe space for everyone to make new friends and to ofc have fun. 🥀 ・This server is intended for multi-fandoms! This where you can all gather together as a community 🥀 ・We’re also looking for some staff members, Movie night host’s, Mods, Partnership managers and Event helpers 🥀 ・We’re also taking in partnership request! !! WILL BE DOING GIVEAWAYS IN THE FUTURE !! More info about this server: ⊱ ──────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────── ⊰ ❤️ ・Make new friends 🧡 ・Anime 💛 ・K-pop 💚・Art 💙・GAMENIGHT 💜・Ranting / positivity 💖・Daily checkups 🤍・Daily Activities 🌈・Advertising channels for: Twitter, Insta, twitch and much more (not for discord servers, you’ll need to do a partnership) *and more...* 🙈😎😚 Have a great day!🥳☺️ 🤺🤺
Anime | Gaming
Welcome To 𝙉𝙖𝙩𝙨𝙪𝙠𝙖𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙞! ```We are a new and growing community, always looking for more people. We have welcoming members and think you would love it here! ✧・゚:We Offer:・゚✧ ●Fun bots like, Dank Memer, OwO, and many more ○Fun text and voice channels ●Server emotes ○Someone who is always here to chat ●NSFW channels! ○Much Much More! ``` ☽༓・˚⁺・༓☾  https://discord.gg/4yY3C5Kuee https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/602604590055161866/794691558683312168/source.g +:。.。。.。:+
Community | YouTuber
Join our growing community. A place of positivity, people that love arts and crafts.