Language | Education
we're a chill and laid-back server perfect for people who are interested in learning korean! mochi is a community where you’ll find both korean native speakers and people like you ヽ(´▽`)/ we offer: ✓ a cute theme ✓ helpful resources ✓ reaction roles ✓ study channels ✓ a fun time let’s have fun together !! ♡♡
Education | Support
Welcome to 'The Study Panda' Discord Server where you can study in peace and in a non toxic environment. We offer a multitude of different things you are able to do within our server, "Study with a Friend", "Games", Giveaways", and lots, lots, lots more!
Education | Growth
Hello! This is a server to help students get their shit together xD Everyone who's here so far is really nice and helpful, and the server is very chill. Oh also, we allow under 13 users too!
Education | Growth
SS is a study server focused around positivity, support, and motivation. Highschool/college and university students are welcome.
Social | Education
Welcome to the one and only Indian Study Server. A simplistic server where we hangout and study together using forest app or flipd. Share your daily to-dos and progress with us. Listen to Lofi music while studying. Have fun with your Indian study buddies :3 Join us using the link below 👇
Anime | Education
Hello! This discord is brand new, but we hope other people will join it! This server is meant for people who are serious about learning the culture and language of japan and we are here to help. I am trying to attract japanese to help attend you guys when i am away. But I am really working on it!
Community | Education
a newly established server for the ever-so-busy students who need a little push now and then or a sprinkle of motivation and teamwork to start studying.
Language | Education
You can pick certain roles to see certain sections of the server, the three sections we have are, language learning, book club, and studying! We have roles and many emojis to use, with more fun general channels.
Education | Community
We are an online community that fosters and promotes scientific learning with the help of a collaborative community that's enriches knowledge and learning. Join us for science topics and homework help along with meeting new people.
Language | Gaming
We want to unite all the language learning gamers out there. Learn your target language while playing with natives.
Language | Social
LLDC - Language Learning Discord Community is a discord server made for people from all around the world to learn various languages together, and get the opportunity to talk, or chat with real natives. LLDC supports 19 languages so far, but the number will grow as demand for them grows.
Community | Social
We're a fairly new social server!! With bi-weekly giveaways, we're here to create an environment that helps people socialize and make new friends over Discord. We have self-assignable roles to decorate your server profile and give you an identity in our server. We also have both a gaming and student community in which you'll find students from high school to college!! We have a wide demographic of students who study in different fields, so whenever you have a question about a question, there's most likely someone to answer it. Looking for games? No worries, we also have a big group of players ranging from League of Legends to Overwatch. Bi-weekly events, giveaways, and a friendly community.. what more is there to say?? Come by and see if you like it! See you there ^^