Gaming | Art
DreamsCanon is a Discord server for crowdsourced community Dreams game templates and worldbuilding! Basically we make the stuff that everyone else can use to make games and we even build worlds for people to set their games in. Come on in if that sounds good to you!
Hobbies | Community
The Dreamscape is a new, chill community of dreamers, centered around the realm of our sleep! Whether you are an avid lucid dreamer or just interested in dream interpretation, come join for a nice chat.
Gaming | Art
**----------------------------------** Sleep Walkers **----------------------------------** A community built around the PS4 game "Dreams", the purpose of the server is to build a community that can reach out to other players and find collaborators for any and all things they are creating! Here's a list of what we have: **Streamer/Content Creator Support** **Looking For Collaborators Channels** **Self Assignable Roles for Specialties** **Music Channels** **Creation Parties** **Events** **And More!** Come by and share your creations with us!
Community | Social
A community that brings aspiring and professional models and photographers together.
Community | Social
We're cool kids, we work to reach our big goals, we hang out, you should too.
Social | eSports
Imagine and then make it in your life!
Science | Community
Lucid dreaming community
Community | Education
- we are a NEW Astrology community - experienced astrologers advertise your business communicate w other knowledgeable astro students learn how to read a birth chart seek guidance in your own chart weekly transit information [other related topics in this server - occult, art, herbs, memes, synchronicities & other spirituality] CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR MODS join us & help grow our community!
Community | Education
Interested in lucid dreaming, exploring dream experiences, understanding consciousness, spirituality, etc? Come join us and talk with others about topics that can change your world. Taileaters critically explores the strange and bizarre phenomenon that happens in our lives, when we sleep, and in altered states. Learn more at
Community | Entertainment
This server is a community that has various of rules that allow people to understand what it is all about, for example it is friendly and we offer mod applications made by other workers.