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Growth | Education
If our community’s goal of self-improvement speaks to you, you're in the right place! COB originated as a discord server on which likeminded people came together to work on their goals together, build friendships and improve themselves and the world around them!
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Community | Support
Habitica Discord server for Habiticans, maintained by an Habitican Socialite.
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Social | Meme
If you're a fan of Wojak (-oomers) or relate to them, join our server!
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Community | Growth
CommitLock is a server dedicated to using the method of loss aversion to complete your goals, end procrastination and fight fears!
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Education | Art
We are a community that thrives on productivity. Whether you are a student, an artist, working from home, or just want some company while you work, we are here to help you get motivated with our daily goals accountability channel, 24/7 virtual co-working spaces (with curated focus playlists and ambient library sounds), and some awesome new friends. We can't wait to work with you! - Simple channel layout for easy navigation - 24/7 WorkSpace VCs that aren't limited to studying: work, clean, make art, be productive! - Focus playlists and ambient library sounds while you work - Forest App and channel for planning group sessions - Productivity forum - An active daily goals channel - Long term goals channel - Awesome server emojis