Community | Growth
An support group community where everyone can come into one community and vent whatever it is that's on their minds. A Judgment Free zone where people can feel welcomed and feel safe. This Relationship Support Group is an text only base group where individuals can stillf eel safe while venting and remain anonoymous. We have only 1 voice channel which is a Music channel where members can listen to whatever music they desire while venting whats on their minds. The channel is an auto muted channel but the individual still is allowed to listen to Music and is more than welcome to add onto our servers open collan playlist on Spotify. We hope that everyone who joins feels welcome and safe upon Joining Out fairly new relationship Support group Server <3
Entertainment | Community
Brand new server for finding friends and chilling. Low amount of rules, just enbough to make you feel comfortable. Join and become the part of the server!
Gaming | Streaming
Serveur communautaire de chat et de gaming plutôt sur ordinateur. Un technicien expert en informatique peut vous aider. Nous sommes une communauté très joyeuse, gentille et très puissante sur GTA Online.
Growth | Community
All about purpose, peace, connection, love. Above all, passionate about positive change small and large scale. Politics, relationships, business, emotions are examples of very welcome topics - check us out :)
Social | Community
Helping one another to bring humanity closer to home. Remember you're not alone there's people out there and here that love you and care for you. Feel free to join, you're more than welcome to. We offer emotes, game nights, movie nights and a fun social environment.
Support | Community
Welcome to I.S.M! We are here to Inspire, Support and Motivate anyone that needs it! Our community is entirely focused on spreading happiness rather than just being a mental health community. Besides that, regardless of whether you suffer from depression or simply need some motivation, we will always listen. Our support teams have experience, and know what they are talking about. And our community will give you enough inspiration to keep on going!
Community | Social
نادي حصري. لا يمكنك شراء مكانٍ هناك. و من المستحيل ان يتواجد رأي اخر
Anime | Community
•¨•.¸¸☆・゚Happiness is our Duty゚・☆¸¸.•¨• ∘☆༻A wonderful server that is welcoming and respecting every gender and sexuality tied up with friendly talk and having lots of fun together༺☆∘ 。・゚♡゚・。。・゚♡What we offer。・゚♡゚・。。・゚♡゚・。 ☙-A splitted server that is one part private and one part public ☙-Friendly moderation ☙-Active staffs ☙-Self assignable roles and colors ☙-Lots of cute emotes ☙-Level 1 Boost server ☙-Fun bots with a playground ☙-Happy vibes
Community | Support
Welcome To Bully Awareness Community! Our mission is to provide everyone supports. If you have been bullied in the past and dealing with mental health disorders. If you are a bully and looking for help to become a better person, we are here for you too. We provide you social support and mental health support around the world. If you are looking for friends or a place to hang out, you have come to the right place. We are here to bring kindness, supports, and positivity into this world. We are here to support one another.
Community | Entertainment
This server is a community that has various of rules that allow people to understand what it is all about, for example it is friendly and we offer mod applications made by other workers.
Community | Social
نادي حصري. لا يمكنك شراء مكانٍ هناك. و من المستحيل ان يتواجد رأي اخر