Language | Community
✨Learn and practice your English ✨ Here you can learn and practice your English, It's a great place to practice your conversation skills and meet people from around the world. Have fun, join us!
Community | Art
Juronian Commonwealth is a server dedicated to Juronian species (kyani, kytchretto). But it's not made just for that, there's a plenty of opportunities to socialize and have fun! What we can offer is: - Welcoming and vibrant community! - Many custom roles! - Meeting creative people and sharing your creativity! (Artists, writers, etc.) - Many categories for various topics! (gaming, art, etc.) - Many bots for your service! (Sheri, Tupperbox, Groovy, etc) - Interactive roleplay! - Fursona/OC giveaways! - Emojis! and much more... What are you waiting for? Come here and see for yourselves!
Community | Art
Comgrupos It´s a server to learn about public speaking and language learning,
Community | Growth
This discord server is a community based server where everyone is being able to join. We are a brand new discord server where we have tons of things you can do. You can even level up and use the bots such as Dank memer, mantaro, tatsumaki, and more! Why standing there and why not join!
Education | Political
You Can İmprove Your Communication Skills With Join My Discord Server/ Eğer İletişim Becerilerini Geliştirmek İstersen Sunucuma Beklerim
Community | Gaming
ru/en meme, games(coop and solo), communication, pxls, hentai and more....
Community | Technology
A NEW and FAST-GROWING server for civil debate and discourse. We feature a range of topics including Politics, Philosophy, Science, History and Tech, a friendly community, great moderation team, numerous roles, and game nights. Hope to see you here!
Community | Hobbies
Hi there! This is the biggest community in the world! (will be) Here you can find new friends, teammates and just talk. Enjoy it!
YouTuber | Community
A non-toxic general chat server that is also the official Gamelamp YouTube channel server.
Gaming | YouTuber
A gaming roblox server lol
Social | Community
Your grandparents is a social server, with it's main idea being building a family. Honestly, this whole thing is a joke. We are just starting, so it would be lovely if you could invite more people! If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. I, granny, would like to invite you to my sweet sweet home. As some of you may or may not know, i love children! So much so that i sometimes find it extremely hard to not just bite their arms off- oops. Anyways, i have this dumb grandchild that keeps denying making a whole in the roof.. somebody send help.
Gaming | Role-Playing
LetsSurvive - Gaming Community - A friendly roleplay based community discord that covers multiple games across all platforms and encourages IRL interactions and communication. Everyone is welcome on the basis of being polite, not using foul or vulgar language, respecting other members and adhering to the rules
Music | Community
C'est un serveur français pour tous les musiciens, et même les curieux.. Tu y trouveras: - La possibilité de mettre en avant tes créations, jeune artiste en herbe, qui est sérieux et veux faire de sa passion, une vocation - Apprendre, avoir des conseils, ou même donner des conseils, que ce soit, pour l'achat, l'apprentissage, le solgfège ou le matériel.. - Faire d'éventuel rencontre avec d'autres instrumentalistes, pour créer une collaboration dans la réalité ou dans le virtuel.. - Et c'est avant tout, une bonne ambiance, entre les bohèmes qui émerveillent ce monde, autour du même point commun, la musique...
Community | Entertainment
This server is called sanicent this is a community server. There packing roles and packing channels for packers. This server is not only based off of packing this sever is a chill and some laid down people . But enjoy your stay ladies and gentlemen have a great day @here
Art | Anime
Art based discord server. Where you can find artists and enjoy art. You can also place a Comission for the main artists in the group.
Gaming | Social
Two-player communication game. In each round of the game, you and a fellow codebreaker will work together to move your vault keys into a position that will crack the vault's code.
Community | YouTuber
A server were we can hangout and support each other, and discover whats new! Lets take this journey together!