Welcome to Crowfoot, Canada. This is a parallel land, where magic is woven into the fabric of reality and infused into every fiber of every being. Humans aren't the only rulers here; this is a wilder Earth, where much of the surface is dominated by creatures of varying lethality.
Welcome to Unnamed RP we are a serious menu based role play community with friendly staff that have had countless years experience handling communities with officers at the same levels of experience, with the high level of interactivity with the community, you’ll never get bored, we are absolutely sure you will have the best time here, and if you don’t, let us know what we are doing wrong. UnnamedRP - FiveM | Departments. San Andreas State Police San Andreas Fire Department San Andreas Communications Department Trusted Civilian Aviation Links: Permanent Server Invite Link: https://discord.gg/k8ZQAqB Discord.me Invite Link: https://discord.me/urp Disboard Invite Link: https://disboard.org/server/684434960090005789 Server Policies & Regulations: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oT8shS_qDKBkLh-_nqV96joJGcD9T8GFPGbVWbfCMg4/edit?usp=sharing Permanent FiveM Server-IP:
Dialogue is a server for all seeking meaningful conversation and interaction. Close-knit community that promotes a free and active exchange of ideas on any topic.
Public Roleplay, the fun and friendly fivem team that can be used at your disposal!
Serveur Discord du serveur MonacoRP ~ Une belle description est en cours de préparation, en attendant voici celle là :p MonacoRP en quelques mots : - Une équipe de 5 développeurs. - Un staff actif, présent et humain, à l'écoute. - Un serveur en constante évolution. - Encore plus de services pour emmener votre RP avec vous ! (à venir)
Olympus is a Garrys Mod Half Life 2 role play server, it's whitelisted and has a vast amount of custom content that will continuously be developed. The main focus of the server is serious rp, thus citizens will have the ability to do almost anything with their lives from the beginning within the boundaries of the setting.
A Serious Meme Themed Rainbow Six Siege Discord!
Server Gmod DarkRP
Based off LA Noire, roleplay life in 1947, work either with or against the law in this serious and intense roleplay server!
NyniumRP est un serveur qui se veut "serious-RP" Vous êtes un citoyen qui emménage à Florida en Amérique C'est ici que votre nouvelle vie commencera Soyez prêt à vous engager ou non à un poste de travaille Policier/Ambulancier/Pompier/Avocat/Juge/Maitre d'hôtelleries Et les innombrables travails que le serveur vous proposes Vivez votre vie de citoyens en dehors de votre travail Et construisez des liens sociaux Merci de bien vouloir lire la TOTALITE du règlement
This server is meant to create a space for discussion of a diverse history that is often neglected in discourse: Africa. Information is being added as I research more, and people are welcome to contribute, discuss, and ask questions.
Next Life is an ideal concept, where the multi-threaded world of online games and socialization combine to the creation of a community meant to benefit the players who shape it, rather than be constrained by those who oversee it directly. Experience roleplay in it's finest form, regardless of your position in the world, everyone has a purpose and adds to the color of the many layers across our roleplay scene. Meet our staff team and players, and feel free to collaborate with each other to create a unique experience, and create friendships all in one space.
Chill International Multi-Gaming Community. Every category allowed, singing, music, beatbox, gaming, all talents everything you name it. Our Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/sonuttylads
A cult, nation, and tribe. Join now.
The United Nations of Discord is a general purpose social server with an international political flavor. Represent your nation, represent someone else's nation. We welcome any discussion that doesn't conflict with the discord terms of service. Talk shit, talk personal or discord drama, share media, memes, your dumb politics, your religions, your anything else.
1000+ Members | Looking for a chill, fun, energetic series of chats? Come join us and be a part of our revival. Brought to you by the former owners of Bunnychella, Bunnytopia, And Toasty. Active when the sun goes down! Features Active Voicechats, Text chats, And more! Weekly contests and giveaways! Also have a serious therapy section for those in need! Check us out!
Welcome to Chill Vibez! We are a pretty new server but we have a huge variety of channels to talk in. Don't be scared to join up!
We're a server focused around the romance of the yandere archetype and are centred around creating a tight-knit community full of friends!
Roleplay, serious RPers only. We are NOT an ERP.
We are a welcoming community that is trying establish itself in the Garry's Mod world. We hope you have a good time and enjoy yourself!
The purpose of this discord server is to teach Jews and gentiles around the world about the history of Zionism, its modern legacy and its modern aims. To join the server, guests will have to complete a short application process which entails knowing the rules of the server and following the instructions of the staff.
We are a FiveM RP community based around GTA5 PC and the FiveM client application (found at https://fivem.net/). We strive to provide quality and enjoyable RP experiences each and every day. Come join us!
**WE ARE NO LONGER ACTIVE. JOIN PRIME LIFE RP INSTEAD HERE: https://discord.gg/jprEnWu** Old summary: We are a serious RP community based around https://fivem.net/ & GTA5 PC. We strive to create enjoyable RP experiences every day. Come join us and RP your dream life. See you soon!
Alpha Roleplay is a new FiveM community made by two great role-players, between us we have around 2000 hours experience in law enforcement, verified civilian, ems and fire departments and governmental agencies. We are looking for members in: Staff Certified Civilian San Andreas State Police San Andreas Fire Department What you need to join: Discord A Decent Mic Teamspeak A Decent PC (so you can multi-task) Good Internet connection. Our Community: FX Server Serious RP Non ELS CAD/MDT Website Forum Experienced Members We worked hard to get our server online and are looking for members. Apply today at https://www.alpharp.eu/
A community server for ambitious people who are actively pursuing a goal. Serious in nature, but friendly, supportive, and constructive! Bounce your ideas off us, ask for advice, chat with likeminded folks, and do so much more. We are open to all with a goal in mind, no matter what stage you are in or what your goal is. Come join us!