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Comunidad del Streamer Murcis_Luis
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FearMC is a new and upcoming Minecraft Server.
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ServerIP: Website:
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Byte I.T. is a computer and network support company. We are also gamers!
Hey, We are a new Server Network We mainly host Game Server Servers we host right now Hurtworld,
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HumHub is a free and open-source social network software written on top of the Yii PHP framework that provides an easy to use toolkit for creating and launching your own social network. The platform can be used for internal communication and collaboration that can range from a few users up to huge Intranets that serve companies with hundreds and thousands of employees. The platform was meant to be self-hosted and currently comes with pretty normal requirements, working with most shared hosting environments around. HumHub also supports themes and modules to extend the functionality for almost all requirements.
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Sudocraft is a minecraft server network with different game modes, below you will find a list of our game modes: - 🏹 HCF - 💵 SkyBlock - and more!
CluxMC Official Discord Server
Minecraft Server
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ClubKhmer Minecraft Server Network
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Render Network is a 1.8-1.12.2 SkyBlock Java Minecraft Server
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Join the best discord community, StimpDuel Here you will find help from our server and support ENJOY IT
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Samimi Bir Sohbet Ortamına Girmeyi Kim İstemez Ki!? Sohbeti Canlandırmak İçin Haydi Sen de Aramıza Katıl...
Community | Growth
Network, de 3 modalidades. Survival, Skyblock y Proyecto meriland. 3 en desarrollo, pero sacamos un servidor de prueba del PROYECTO MERILAND.
Entertainment | Community
Network de minecraft con 3 modalidades actualmente: KbFFA SkyWars 1vs1 = Arena PvP Unanse YAA!!!
Crypto | Community
CBNT is a decentralized content sharing platform. You post; We reward. CBNT will be listed on Bibox Exchange on May.
SentryMC discord server
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RaptureLab is an organization all about videogames! We own Nintendathon a charity gaming marathon! Everyone is welcome and no matter your interest we have space for you! Come check us out, and talk about your interests!
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Gunivers is a Minecraft based network, specialized in mapmaking.
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¿Red de servidores? ¡KayMa Craft!
We are a new minecraft server recruiting for new staff and looking for new members! We currently have Prison up and running and are developing Factions!
LabMC is a Network with many types of servers! Most notably Factions. We have over 25 custom plugins with more always being added!! We would love to see you on soon!
Gaming | Role-Playing
Keruna Network is a Minecraft bungeecord server network, with a couple of gamemodes. Version: 1.11.2 to 1.14.4 | IP:
Gaming | Streaming
Amnesia Spectrolia Servers Community Minecraft Server Servers Network Mc Discord
Music | Art
A friendly community focused on giving artists a platform to network and promote there music. No rules. Just don't be rude nor disrespectful and the moderators won't bother you.
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> SkyCraft Network (1.8 - 1.16) < ¡Unete al servidor de discord de la mejor network de Minecraft! Conoce nuestra comunidad de jugadores, charla, escucha música, chatea y juega con nosotros en nuestro discord.
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Newly founded 1.7 - 1.15 Minecraft Server, currently featuring Skyblock and more in the near future. Friendly Staff and $215 IS-Top come join now
Gaming | YouTuber
RGN is a W.I.P. Minecraft Server Network with SkyBlock, BedWars and more!
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Quarantine Network is a multi-platform gaming network made by and for gamers in quarantine. We have servers on 3 platforms and one more is on the way!
Technology | Hobbies
A community built for IT (Information Technology) geeks and nerds. Server includes discussions on PC building, tech, and the IT field.
Music | Community
Growing Community for Musicians.
Gaming | Technology
We are a minecraft network providing a quality modded experience Our Packs
Gaming | Social
Sably Network Is a minecraft server that values what our players opinions on our servers and games.
Gaming | Growth
- Game server network Including: -Rust -Dayz
Gaming | Technology
We are a new and upcoming HCF server that is going to be re creating HCF how everyone always wanted it to be.
Gaming | YouTuber
Nosotros somos un servidor a punto de abrir, estaremos abiertos los fin de semana, hasta septiembre, que tendrá host para que este abierto. POR AHORA solo será Survival. Si conseguimos dinero y donaciones, tendrá mas actualizaciones, y será una Network.
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We're a Aviation Discord for International purpose ;) Join, post your plane spotting archivements and fly with us!
Gaming | Community
I come from the Minecraft Coolax Network and we are opening up into a more gaming community as a whole. Just trying to diversify the type of gamers we have and all. I will leave the invite below, feel free to join and meet some people.
Community | Gaming | Streaming
The Chrysalist Streaming Network is a network with the purpose of bringing a high quality and tight-knit network for your content creation, specializing in Streaming but not limited to Youtube, Artwork, & Graphic Design. We are a bunch of content creators looking to collaborate.
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We are a new server we are all about meeting new people to play games with or to network with there is something for everyone here. We created this server to get away from the toxic / greedy servers that only look after owners. Over here we want everyone to grow we get a real kick out of helping people such as hitting affiliate or even streaming advise. One thing you can guarantee is you will meet some awesome people who are here for each other.
Social | Art
Just a hangout for like minded people to socialize and interact!
Gaming | Support | Minecraft Minigames-Server. 》Selbst kreierte Spielmodi. 》Ein Team mit viel Erfahrung in jedem Bereich und riesen Motivation. 》Bewerbungsrunden werden in den nächsten Tagen/Wochen folgen für Builder, Developer und Moderatoren. 》Ein Team, dass auch Dein(e) Vorschlag/Vorschläge annimmt und umsetzen kann. 》Wir legen Wert auf die Meinung der Spieler, heißt, wenn es Beschwerden gibt, versuchen wir diese bestmöglich zu lösen. 》Es werden Giveaways folgen (z.B. einen Rang auf dem Server, PSC, Nitro, etc.). 》Im Vordergrund ist Spaß und Spiel und nicht das Geld. | Spiele | Soziales | Spaß | Drops | viele Emotes | Minecraft Community mit Herz, schließ dich uns noch heute an! IP: (Server noch in Wartungsarbeiten, Discord und Teamspeak erreichbar!)
Technology | Programming
Docker, docker-compose, networking, reverse-proxy, kubernetes, etc.
Community | Meme
We are a Advertising Discord, that makes your server RICH with members!
Community | Gaming | Programming
Welcome at SpielsGroups - a place to hang out with your friends and a network full of possibilities
Community | Political
Das Asoziale Netzwerk ist eine vom Känguru gegründete anarchistische Anti-Terror-Organisation aus den Büchern von Marc-Uwe Kling. Es steht u.A. gegen Terror von Schulen, Fabriken, Medien, Regierung, Leitkultur, Lobbys, Religion, Wirtschaft; gegen den Terror des realexistierenden Asozialismus.
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Come check out Cyb3r Network! We are a community that hosts its own servers and we also host for other clans, guilds, and communities!
Community | Gaming
Allure Void Network Or AVN is a Minecraft Server Network.
Gaming | Entertainment
Welcome to FlyverseMC, a brand new network. We are a user-centered network with the player in mind. We strive to provide a great gameplay experience while bringing people together to have fun and enjoy the day. We have a ton of features and we're adding more every week. We intend on continuing adding updates throughout the life of server. We keep all of our plugins and versions up-to-date to get the best possible outreach to players. Join us today @
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[EN] Good evening guys, I would like to introduce our project! Who are we? We are a new server network with the concept of making big tournaments like the MCC or Minecraft Mondays playable for everyone. We are in the process of setting up a tournament network where every player has the opportunity to win various things in exciting tournaments and to advance in rank. State of things Our team currently consists of 12 members. This includes builders, developers (web / Java) and moderators as well as content. We currently have a root server (we have enough power and funding for the project), a self-developed cloud, a teamspeak and a large discord. We plan to publish our project in mid-March.
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The Regimus Games Network is an alliance of literate rpgs run by a staff team who have been doing this for the past year and a half. We have an awesome community, some really cool games, and would love you to swing by and check us out!
Gaming | Community
- Gaming - Chatting - Social Media - Server-Network - Clans - Germany
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Are you looking for Skyblock,Survival,Minigames try out our minecraft java network [1.8 - 1.16]
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Welcome to OnlySkill Network Official server Join os to know which features we are going to add in the future,and you can vote for them!