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Crypto | Technology
DeFireX - A platform that provides guarantees for the investment. We offer a stable system of passive profit making, with high profitability and the best indicators and guarantees on the market!
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Crypto | Financial
Official Datamine Network Discord Server.
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Crypto | Community
This is a community driven server to educate general public and crypto/defi enthusiasts about Switcheo Network (SWTH) a DeFi company based in Singapore.
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Financial | Crypto
Whether you're considering diving into trading full time, becoming a casual investor or are simply looking for a guided investment approach, Helios has a place for you. Join our community of like minded individuals and start profiting today.
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Financial | Crypto
Crypto Investment Group CIG - We are friendly group of traders/investors/stakers - Daily news/Whale info - We offer insight, friendship, gain porn, guides, help, ... (We have guide right now on how to earn up to $167 in crypto for free) - We will do live trading and much more - Premium coming soon!! - We use referral system
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Crypto | Technology
Crypto Decentralized Finance Chat Lobby. Hosted by VeCoin, a Cryptocurrency which provides tools for users to earn income on their crypto.
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Crypto | Financial
One of the many social-media platforms R3FI has to offer! All the basic information regarding the token can be found in the discord. Get an opportunity to talk about your favorite coin with friends right away!
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Financial | Crypto
Crypto Moon A crypto community for everyone! for advertisers, for currencies audiences and for business people!
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Crypto | Community
Join the wallstreetbetz discord server today and learn how to trade together for free. Premium signals and paid courses are also free.
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Crypto | Education
Welcome to MyCryptoSuccess. With over five years of experience in the crypto market, we share valuable information about the crypto space and some new, hidden coin tips. #nofinancialadvice
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Crypto | Investing
Have you been struggling getting into crypto and making real profit? Come to Shitcoin Central for new original integrated analysis tools, learn from veteran investors with 7 figure+ portfolios, engage in community giveaways, chats, leaderboards, and gain access to comprehensive learning materials such as videos, tutorials, cheat sheets, live chat Q&A's and more. 🐋 Its the highest quality fundamental analysis Crypto Community discord server, which brings investors from all experience levels to make massive gains -✔️Original Analysis Tools (movement tracking, top-transactions, top-tokens by whale activity, and more) -🎊 Bi-weekly Giveaways - 📚Comprehensive Tutorials and Q&A's for New Traders -📈 Premium Trading Signals and Analysis -⚡ The Most Active and Experienced Crypto Veterans - 📰 Curated News, Real Time Alerts, and Educational Sources for Traders at All Levels - 🏆Integrated Leaderboards to Display Community Top Traders Don't Miss Out! Join our Server Now!
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Crypto | Community
A crypto discord server that keep record of Defi tokens and has community full of crypto researchers.
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Financial | Community
Hey buddy I am George Bailey, and with the help of Clearance (my guardian angel). We plan to re-build the financing system in the form of a DAO. At Bailey's Building & Loans, members of Bedford Falls (members of this discord) will be able to receive lines of credit, completely by their transaction history in Decentralized Finance. If you are interested in becoming part of the team, please learn about us below: The project is here : The Audit details are here: Twitter Announcements here: Our Discord Server: Our Telegram Group: Our BNB and BUSD farms start on 15 June 2021. We will be adding more farming pools based on Bedford Falls community members’ votes so please standby to help us decide what the next farming pair will be.
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Crypto | Community
Discord dedicated to the XRP and Ripple Community. We have founders from Flare Networks and Flare Finance as well as youtubers and influencers in our Discord. Come join and say hi in #general-chat and #ripple-xrp [Reddit] r/Ripple r/XRP [Twitter] @flare_xrp
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Crypto | Financial
The 1inch Network unites decentralized protocols whose synergy enables the most lucrative, fastest and protected operations in the DeFi space.
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Crypto | Investing
Roxe Chain uses blockchain technology to unify fragmented global payment systems for smarter, faster payments. Come join our community to discuss blockchain, crypto and much more!
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Crypto | Community | Art
Explore a new generation of NFT for sports collectables with our Blockchain of People (TM). Buy and sell image & marketing rights. Invest.