Calliopean Club is Discord's largest intellectual society dedicated to self improvement, quality discourse and civil debate. We host regular seminars, debate nights, chess tournaments and more. Join our international community and meet people from around the world who share your thirst for knowledge!
Calliopean Club is Discord's largest intellectual society dedicated to self improvement, quality discourse and civil debate. We host regular seminars, debate nights, chess tournaments and more. Join our international community and meet people from around the world who share your thirst for knowledge!
Growing server dedicated to Teaching and Learning Hacking (Information Security). We have experienced professionals ready to help you, alongside a community of very nice people from all skill-levels that you can talk to.
For students striving to be better, Wysc is the study Discord server that delivers a cohesive, global online studying experience, as the first Discord server to present an edu-social cafe experience to an audience of hundreds.
A server dedicated to allowing everyone to diversely enhance their experience on the enthralling existential-holiday that is human life.
Calliopean Club is Discord's largest intellectual society dedicated to self improvement, quality discourse and civil debate. We host regular seminars, debate nights, chess tournaments and more. Join our international community and meet people from around the world who share your thirst for knowledge!
This is a Math Discord to help with all your math learning needs.
A community for books, media, discussions of all sorts and socializing.
Critical Move, bringing streamers and viewers of all sizes and platforms together under one roof. By joining us you are bringing yourself down the path to connecting and networking with others who are in the same situation as yourself and would love to meet other like minded peeps. Everything you may need on your road for streaming is right here and we'd love to assist you on your trip to achieve your goals whatever they may be! Take your time to read things over and don't forget to drop by and chat with others. If you are someone who just enjoys meeting like minded people and playing or watching stuff, then this is also an environment just for you <3
[RECENTLY RENOVATED, VERY ACTIVE] Debate any topic your little heart desires, from politics to videogames to religion, to philosophy, to ethics and so much more.
We advertise! We are a new advertising and growth server within discord, our goal is to help other servers and the server owners within discord and give them the resources they need to grow there server. -Best ways to grow your server tips -Tons of advertising channels -Always looking for partnerships -Gaining new members every day -Server spotlights
This is an Indonesian server for English enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome. Come join to develop your English skills together with the members within. We are tolerant of mistakes & we respect each other.
Official Discord Partner! This is a friendly community for those who are interested in being involved with science exploration. Over 10,000+ Members!
👥 Polls and Fruitful Debates on various history related topics with weekly updates . 🗿 Over 100 personalisation roles including Empires and States, Subjects of Interests, Ideologies, Time Periods to help express yourself. 🛡A levelling system with unique rewards and exclusive roles.
SS is a study server focused around positivity, support, and motivation. Highschool/college and university students are welcome.
Server for discussions on economics, finance, business and political economy
This is a discord server meant for teens (13-17 Only) to chill and socialize about lots of subjects in a non-toxic environment where every person is treated the same. We don't judge people by their skin color or sexuality. Join us and find some friends or maybe even more than that.
40+ Server for mental health. Visual joy and mental satisfaction.
Discord Vape is the premier discord server for all things vape related.
🥀💦💤Hello everyone and welcome to Delicate Roses!!🥀💦💤 Sit Back And Enjoy Some Quality Time With Us In Delicate Roses. Tired Of Uptight Servers? No Worries Come On Down And Chill With Us. Very Few Rules Although We Do Ask That You Follow Discords Basic Rules. Seeking To Meet New People? A Diverse Community Filled With All Who Are Different So What Are you Waiting For? Click On The Link We Didn't Invite You If We Didn't Want Ya, Don't Even Trip Dawwg b̲r̲i̲e̲f̲ ̲l̲i̲s̲t̲ ̲o̲f̲ ̲w̲h̲a̲t̲ ̲w̲e̲ ̲a̲r̲e̲ ̲a̲b̲o̲u̲t̲ ⋆ Discussing Interests of Various Music Artists ⋆ Writing (Creative Writing, etc.) ⋆Art ⋆ Some Other Topics ( LGBT+ Discussions etc, Anime, Discussing Your POV On Certain Topics, etc. 🥀💦💤 Love, Our Beautiful Members 🥀💦💤 You Make It This Far? Congrats. Or Are You Jarred And Just Don't Know How To Read? Whatever it was Thanks For Wasting Your Time And Reading This Now Come Waste More Of Your Time And Join The Server
⭐ 𝐉𝐎𝐈𝐍 𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐔𝐒𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐒 𝐎𝐅 𝐒𝐓𝐔𝐃𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐒: The #1 most active study server on Discord!
///// The Black hand of futurity. The DELL delivery team: Deterritorialising, Emergent havoc, Landian, Looping time. The Other World. Really Horny Excitable Theory Thots NOT a bunch of neofascist, pretentious Deleuzians. A posse of Landians. Some computer anarchist thing? Is actively working to break the Mind/Machine barrier in cooperation Musk who is paying to live on as a meme A bunch of esoteric accelerationists. Ideological weightlessness while moving upward. The third and fourth incarnation of weaponized memes. Originally a customer service department for United Airlines (went rogue). Bunch of cool people who believe in unconditional Accelerationism. Accelerationist transhumanists NOT a cult Is ☭ a Duginist ☭ SWP ☭ front Folks who read esoteric philosophy and make jokes about it. Is a Duginist pysop. /////
7,8,9,10,11,12. Sınıflara tamamen ücretsiz derslerde yardımcı olmayı hedefleyen sunucu.
Hi, welcome to New Horizons! We are an academia-based server that focuses on the topic of space and all the fields that contribute to our understanding of it! Come explore our little corner of the galaxy!
Depicted :smile: Depicted has it all: -> *Homework Help* -> *Essay Proof-reading* -> *Controversial Topic Discussion* -> *Philosophical Thoughts bot* -> *Shower Thought Bots* -> *24/7 Chill Music Playlist* -> *Role Playing Games* -> *Gambling* -> **And Much more!** **At Depicted we try our hardest to remain a close community. If you are struggling with school work, life, family, or you just need a friend to talk to, we've got your back.** *Also, we have just gotten new automatic ranks, so you can join in on the fight to help everyone if you'd like.:smile:*
Artists United is an international art-network where Artists, Friends of art, potential Clients & potential Co-workers find together. We welcome Creative Minds of any experience level and provide everyone a non-toxic haven to share artworks & experience, to get feedback & critiques, to compete in challenges & art-games, to teach, learn, chat or vent, to announce art-streams, and to hire hundreds of Freelancer Artists. We are an affable and relax adult community, constantly improving & developing unique new features. Despite we have a strict set of rules and make an effort to realize our User's feedback and ideas. Our server language is english.
The Academy Welcome to The Academy! Are you looking for a place to communicate with other gamers like you? Then you found the right place for it! What we Offer: Channels to discuss gaming and etc. Look for gamers to game with! Collaborating with other gamers is allowed! Monthly Giveaways! Donator and Nitro Booster Roles! Events on random times. Self Assignable Roles! Socialize with others in our Chat channels! Friendly and Helpful staff Growing Community! Want to play your favorite song? We got music bots for that! Connect with PS4, Xbox and PC players! What are you waiting for? Join us to be part of our gaming server! Server Link:
Give help and get help regarding education-related stuff, including homework!
We Support, Stand, and Fight for Agnosticism, Secularism, Common Sense, and Democratic Values.
Momma's Commune is all about getting anarchists together and forming a community where learning and making connections can be achieved.
Are you looking for people to learn trading with? Forex, crypto or stocks ? We have a lot of Elite traders who provide free alerts, education and chart analysis
Official server for the game Brukel, a first-person exploration game that is centered around the authentic memories of a 92-year old WW2 survivor.
Vous cherchez à apprendre le japonais à plusieurs, mais vous ne savez pas par où commencer ? Vous avez des bases en japonais mais vous commencez à vous perdre ? Pas de soucis, nos membres seront là pour vous guider et vous soutenir ! Si vous avez un niveau avancé de japonais, vous êtes également le bienvenu. Le serveur vous propose une bibliothèque pleine de ressources pour apprendre les kana, les kanji, la grammaire, du vocabulaire et vous entraînez à l'oral ou pour la lecture, et ce pour tous les niveaux. Des cours en vocal sont souvent organisés pour faire progresser les membres. En plus de ça, vous pouvez rejoindre des clubs en fonction de vos intérêts (anime, jeux vidéos, films, dessins etc...) et rencontrer des personnes qui partagent les mêmes passions que vous.
5400:1 girl to boy ratio how insane is that i can literally take any suggestion you have and do it neo-marxism welcome
German communication chat, where you can meet and talk to native speakers or just students
Free For All
(FR && ENG) -Survivalisme -Cyberpunk -Philo -Hitech -Gray Hat -Linux
This server is about any intellectual thoughts to be brought into an outlet, express any ideas you want ranging from theology to sciences. Filled with unique people with different ideologies and perspectives to learn from. Education is very present here, along side of casual talk and good vibes for the experience. Express any beliefs you want, we don't discriminate. No thoughts are ignored except for alt right and fascist ideals. See you on the other side!