As you can already tell this update brought us a few new roles. Actually 26 new roles that were strictly designed to allow you all describe yourself in a fun and entertaining manner. 13 Roles are free to pick at #player-setup, 4 of which are for relationship status. The other 13 are paid and are aimed to show your dedication to the topic. People who get these roles most likely are interested in the topic enough to express it with that little grind required to get it.

Additionally, 14 new items were added to the shop, 13 are roles described above, and a Bouquet ? designed to be a collectible gift item.

A new little chat game has been added via our personal bot. Sometimes a duck appears in the channel, watch closely and you'll know what to do.

New commands were added: ?challenge - a random challenge if you're feeling adventurous. ?truthordare - a random truth or dare, possibly call your friends to play together? :)

New bots added: @HaikuBot - detects Haikus @Eli - has entertaining gif commands, search commands, and image greetings @Erisly >help - 2 new games, you can talk to her, autoresponses, Reddit images @ProBot #help - moderation, stats, embeds, and custom commands