What makes us the best anime Discord server you'll find? We're more than just Discord and more than just anime!

Anime has brought the Anime Tavern community together, but it's just the start of how all of our members interact. By discussing who's the best girl, you'll probably find many people you agree with (or disagree with Felix from Re:Zero being the best girl...).

Through these agreements and disagreements, you'll start your journey on becoming a valued member of our long-term community. Jump right in and discuss why the latest KonoSuba episode was trash (season 3 when?), or why Echidna in Re:Zero broke your heart (for whatever reason).

We've got other channels that allow you to still be part of the community, but not always have your head in weeb-land. We also discuss the latest games - or the oldest - homework, that weird guy from Roblox, or how to game development. We've even got programmers here who wouldn't mind helping you make Otaku Simulator v4!

What we're saying is, we'd love to have you here and help us grow to be the centralized community for anime. We've got a dedicated website where you can make a roleplaying account, should you wish, and can contribute to your own "anime tavern."

See you soon!