Babs Fam is the community founded by the streamer Babs.

Community Milestones

Well like every other streamer i want to make this community known and popular to the entire world. I want all of us to be proud for being part of Babs Fam; I want to be able to support small communities and grow together with other streamers who are already part of Babs Fam; I hope we can have tons of fun together on live streams and reach our goals so let's make BF mean something. So far i am already doing some charity each month with my family and 10% of what we win goes to poor people and kids in need; I would love to keep supporting Make a Wish Foundation and other special Foundations but only with your help this is possible and whenever i will do any charity streams, earnings and payment to the charity foundations gonna be recorded and uploaded on Youtube.

♡ Consider this community your second family since is not all about me is about Us all, so self promotion is welcome. Feel free to message me whenever you need streaming advices, discord setup help, streaming setup ideas, anytime you feel lonely and need somebody to talk with.

♡ With Love Babsie ♡