Welcome To Bunny!

Bunny is a cute / simple aesthetic cutesy server that accepts all, a few things to be aware before entering are that;

  1. We use Wick for anti-raid + anti-nuke. How does this affect you? If your account is marked as suspicious by the Wick bot , you will be immediately muted upon entrance, and you will be shown the muted channel. You can be marked as suspicious for the following, not having a profile picture attached to your account, owning and using an account younger than 3 days old, ++ other unknown reasons. You will have to dm an admin upon entering the server to be unmuted so that you may unmute.

  2. For those not marked as suspicious by the wick bot WILL have to verify "manually" which means they will have to type the password posted in the rules channel in the designated verification channel, the process is run by a bot so the process takes about 5-6 seconds.

  3. The server is relatively new so we're only semi-active for the time being. We hope that with your possible join, we grow and begin to define ourselves as a community server :).

  • x_x#0066 & mOYo+#1234 Owners of bunny <3