If people are interested in post apocalyptic Mad Maxian style gameplay and rolling dice, this is the place. We have 8 current active players who are currently wrestling with the insane world known as Cynder.

People weren't good before all this death. Before all the fear, the blood, the sickness. The fires. In desperation, people set the world ablaze, trying to snuff out the undead. No.. people weren't good before, and they aren't good now. They just get worse.

Cynder is the world after the outbreak. Those who have survived do their best to dismember and burn the dead. It is all that is left in the end, in this world. Some parts of Cynder haven't yet torn themselves apart, but they are few and far between. There are 3 major established factions in the least-dangerous areas of Cynder; Darkhaven (a selective cult to the north), Wildwalkers (an expansive stretch of land that curls from the north to the midlands), and the Factionless, who roam the open areas of the world.