Adding custom location mods almost every day

USA | PC | Shattered Moon - Chernarus+, Vanilla+, WIP, lightly modded |

-Max players: 4


-Server Location: Los Angeles, California

-Restarts: Every 6 hours

-Mods: Crossbows, Ear Plugs, Custom Clothing, SkyZ Skybox Overhaul, custom POIs with loot and lore, and many more mods to come

-Playstyle: PVE, PVP

-1PP/3PP: Both

-Rules: see our rules on discord

While custom mods and lore are in development, Shattered Moon is a testing ground and it will remain a 4-slot Vanilla+ Chernarus Server. During this work in progress (WIP) period, it is perfect for new players learning the game or for busy parents and old silverbacks like me who enjoy PVP but also love to take deep dives into mysterious lore, exploration, base building, and crafting.

Future plans for Shattered Moon include adding new custom points of interest (POI), popular steam workshop mods like loot chests and keys, even more custom clothing, military gear mods, Namalsk-style hardcore survival, and custom lore to build upon the existing DayZ canon and community lore.

Inspiration for Shattered Moon includes Namalsk lore, video games like Journey, Skyrim, and Stellaris, tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, books like The Expeditionary Force series, movies like Mad Max Fury Road, and classic sci-fi books and movies including John Carter from Mars and The Time Machine.

Give Shattered Moon a try. I hope to see you there. -DJ