Happy New Years Floofs!

I can't believe that 2020 is finally over and we move onto a new year with a fresh new start.

It's been a rough journey in 2020, but 2021 will open up a new chapter and hopefully there will be a hopeful and a more positive journey throughout the year. We should all push forward and look ahead toward the future instead of focusing on the bad stuff in the past.

I'm also excited to see we have surpassed our 2020 expectations for our server!! Yalls support has been CRAZY!!!!! Like over 3300 floofs in just roughly 4 and a half months?!?! Who know that could be possible, but wow... you proved me wrong... YOU ALL MADE THIS WONDERFUL COMMUNITY HAPPEN!!

And I can't wait to see how far the community will grow into in 2021! I'm excited to have yall here join us within this journey, in a brand new year with some old and new faces here! c:

Cheers to a bright new year and a brighter future to all!