Hello, we upgrade the servers if you want more information about the servers, go check in us discord server!


-Proccesor Intel Xeon 3Ghz

-DDoS Protection DDoS protection free of charge, thus preventing external attacks. DDoS protection is currently only able to filter attacks up to a certain size. In the case of extremely large attacks, the attacked IP addresses can be blocked despite Anti-DDoS. In the meantime, GamETX team is working flat out to upgrade the DDoS protection for every type of DDoS attack.

-System GamETX working on linux, Linux keep very low price for your servers, We have used Linux before, Linux System keep your performence. The servers are very strong and keep you High FPS.

-Uptime Server Uptime is 99.9% for now!

-Secure Files GamETX Host secure the files 100% of the time, if client not renew the server its not GamETX problem.

-Location We located the servers to Germany, Low ping for 100% promise!