⚠️ By participating in this group you agree to abide by the following rules. Mods will exert their right to delete messages, kick or ban you at their own discretion.

? ADULTS ONLY. This is a NSFW group and may contain explicit content. No minors allowed. Period. Before you can interact in this server, you will need to undergo an age verification step.

? ART MUST BE PROPERLY SOURCED. You may not post art without sourcing the artist. If you created the art, sourcing is optional. Likewise when posting gifs/emotes/stickers, as they are mainly meant as a form of expression.

? KEEP ROLEPLAYING TO A MINIMUM. We will not be setting up a roleplaying channel as this takes extra effort to moderate and we are not interested in doing so. You may use the #rp-partner channel to find an RP partner to DM with. Simple actions such as hugs tightly are allowed.

? BANNED CONTENT: ❌ Human art or real life content (except for SFW everyday stuff). ❌ Gore, blood and death. ❌ Scat/Watersports. ❌ Art depicting minors, SFW or not.

? DON'T BE CREEPY. If you make other people uncomfortable with weird advances, you don't belong here. Be civil, this especially goes for voice activity.

☝️ LISTEN TO OUR ADMINS. If you have any issues or complaints with our group, that's fair enough, please raise your concerns. However, we're not here to please everyone. If an admin tells you something, we expect you to listen. You may not block any admins of The Goop Cavern.