During the Great Depression, following the Wall Street crash of 1929, the only investments of interest to speculators were fine art, rare cars, and old coins. That rule of thumb seemed to have prevailed during every financial market instability since the 1930s, These three categories have proven their merits over and over again. One of the most collectible items out of three categories has been coin collecting and now for the first time in history and using a new revolutionary technology, coins can now be minted in a public network that can easily establish a proof of ownership.

Introducing The Metaliums collection, the first coin/token living as NFT and NFO.

Some facts:

  1. NFT is cool but NFT + NFO is even cooler.
  2. Some experts predict that NFTs will surpass cryptocurrencies.
  3. NFTs are here to stay.

Follow us on twitter @metaliums_nft to learn about launch day. We just create our discord server under metaliums