? IO Games Tournament Season 1 (IOT S1) ?

We're hosting an epic .io games tournament starting from today (December 18th) all the way up to December 31st to end 2021 with a bang!

EDIT: Our tournament is now over! Congratulations to the winners!

We're hosting a .io games tournament starting from today. One .io game will be selected everyday and everyone has 24 hours to submit their highest score. The person who submits the highest score for most of the games wins Nitro Classic (1 month). Submit scores in #submissions.

How does it work?
One .io game will be selected everyday for the next 2 weeks. Participants have exactly 24 hours to submit their highest scores, after which submissions for that game will be not be accepted. We will be using Scheduled Events to announce the game selected for the day. Selected games work on mobile devices too. If you would like to suggest a game or have any questions, please DM @-Yo-#6119.

? Points
Points will be awarded to users with the highest scores, as follows:
? 1st Place - 3 points
? 2nd Place - 2 points
? 3rd Place - 1 point

? Prizes
At the end of 2 weeks (January 1st), we will tally up the points and announce the winners. The prizes are as follows:
? 1st Place - Nitro Classic (1 month)
? 2nd Place - Nitro Classic (1 month)
? 3rd Place - Tournament Winner role (unlocks all perks & channels)

? Rules
❌ Hacking/exploiting is not allowed.
❌ Feeding is not allowed.
❌ Teaming in a FFA game that is selected is not allowed.
? If you feel an invalid/false score was submitted, please DM @-Yo-#6119, do not cause unnecessary arguments with other participants.
? Use common sense and good judgement at all times.

Feel free to invite your friends to participate in this tournament, all players are welcome. May the best .io gamer win! ?

Hosted by The .io Army. Join us at https://discord.gg/3aadedG5kh today!