We’ll be opening up 2 minecraft servers for you all to play on. One normal vanilla survival server with various plugins running on the latest version (as far as paper is updated for), and we’ll also be having a modded server! The modded server will be running a Feed The Beast modpack called Revelation, information on how to install the modpack and get onto the server is available in #server-info

Chats on the vanilla server will be linked to the discord through #chat so you can interact with people playing without having to be in-game! you're required to link your discord with your minecraft account to be able to send messages to discord from in-game though (info on how to do this in #server-info), along with linking your account you'll be granted some benefits.

Both of these servers will be 150 slot servers, but any sort of feedback regarding how they perform or if you experience any lag is highly appreciated!