October Update! ?

Hunger Games!! Old hunger games is finally back into KanColle and as before, it'll be running every 6hrs with a time period of 24hrs to sign-up. People boosting, if you would like you'll soon be able to opt into automatically being added! Some extra time was put into to clear things up, make it easier to scale with amount of participants (so far tested with up to 15,000 participants) so this is easier to expanded upon as time goes on!

To sign-up for Hunger Games, all you gotta do is react to the message in #events and see it go through in #hunger-games, I'll try to broadcast the sign-up message as frequent as possible for those that's following the channel so you can get notified outside KanColle as well! Reward for winning the hunger games is as usual: 1,000 exp, credit and special credit along with @HungerGame Champion !

There will be some more stuff coming in soon enough, related and unrelated to Hunger Games !