🎉The Kings Family Bonus Plus Event🎉

🔹This Event starts from 2 june 2020.🔹 As we all know ScCwl starts from 1 june 2020 for a week. The Kings Family,officialy part of TEAMRDYK community is organizing this BONUS PLUS event during this week.

We will be hosting Back to Back Normal wars during sccwl week.Our aim will be to win every war and maximise our war win bonus reward.and also get ur cwl rewards from main clan.

📌Eligibility criteria : 1.Discord is mandatory. 2.Th 9+ and th 10+ Engineered bases only. 3.Only 1 account per person will be allowed. 4.NO RUSHED ACCOUNTS PLZ,player must be able to handle his own war weight.

📆SCHEDULE :📆 ✔️Wars will be organized in Indian Avengers lvl 10 clan,part of THE KINGS FAMILY. ✔️All war spin will be statred at 3:00 pm GMT +5:30 INDIAN TIME. +/- 30 mins. ✔️First war on 2 june 2020 @ 3:00 pm GMT +5:30 pm.

✳️RULES ✳️ 1.Player must ensure his arrival into the host clan 1 hour prior every war spin. 2.Every participant member will be promoted as ELDER,to ease the entry of other members into the clan. 3.Clan will be in "INVITE ONLY MODE" for the full week. 4.WAR RULES will be sent to you,once ua accepted for the event. 4.It will be our responsibility to fill ur WAR CC TROOPS only. 5.WE WILL NOT BE HELPING U WITH UR DONATION REQUESTS.PLAYER MUST ENSURE,HE ARRIVES WITH HIS ARMY TRAINED & CC TROOPS READY WITH HIM FROM HIS CURRENT/SOURCE CLAN. 6.Merely signing up,doesnt means ur acceptance into the final team. 7.Every player must respect each other and refrain himself from any disrespectful activity within the clan.

🔶How to apply :🔶 1.Sign up this form here and just relax.

2.we will be going through ur profile, if it's accepted,we will be informing you within next 12hrs about ur acceptance.

3.After ur acceptance, We will be inviting you to a server, where you will be provided with the war rules. We know that you will be busy in cwl in your source clan,so rules have been framed in such a way that u can just come and Attack in event Wars at any time on the war day.Just come with ur army ready & cc filled with u.