We are trying to flesh out and get people into the server, we want to build and LFG where people can create events instead of just sending messages or posting in a forum channel and wait for messages/replies. Currently we have a role based system to choose what areas you see PC/Xbox/Playstation/Mobile (Will add VR soon as VR is rising in popularity and never seen a VR LFG before!) and use Apollo Bot which has a nice easy way to create an event/session for others to just click a button and add themselves to the session/event, these events can have limited spots if you only need 2/3/4/5 people then limit it to that, also have a tentative spot so people can register interest if the spots are full so the organiser or anyone can see who else was interested and get them in on the action. The aim of this LFM/LFG server is to try and make things easy to find others without having to crawl through chat channels or forum posts, use the LFG channels where the Apollo Bot posts events and join, chat in the thread it creates for each event and use the VC creator (That gives the person to joined it first control over it using slash commands, so yes can lock it, limit the amount of people who can join and change the name of the VC, and it also creates it's own temporary text channel that only those who are in the VC can post in)

We are looking to be adaptable, take suggestions on board and see how things can improve. We are looking to take on Staff members to moderate channels and help with support tickets and more when we start to grow.

Please do join in, no platform limitation, even if you just want to chill somewhere and chat, we got you covered!