Only one snowman will be selected to join Frosty the SnowMans Team, and guess what? Frosty gave the Oracle community the chance to pick that snowman. For your chance for your Snowman to win , and to win $25.00 via Paypal plus nitro please follow the submission guidelines below.

Submissions: Snowmans Name: Your Snowmans name Snowmans About me: Describe your snowman A IMAGE OF YOUR SNOWMAN, THE SNOWMAN CAN BE DRAWN/ or created in any format HOWEVER for your submission to count must be a SNOWMAN Snowmans favorite Christmas song: Snowmans favorite Christmas song Snowmans favorite Christmas movie. Your Snowmans favorite Christmas Movie

The Snowman with the most :heart: reactions will win #create-a-snowman

Prize: $25.00 and nitro

For any questions, please ping a staff. You can submit as many snowmans as you would like.