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Transhumanism Transhumanism
Tramshumanism is a broad movement and spans from things like dietary supplements to cyborgs and radical life extension (>1000 years). We discuss it here.
Astrophotography and Co. Astrophotography and Co.
We'rea group of active astronomers and love to share data, helping each other out and having basically a good time. Feel free to join if you share the interest.
The Dukiverse The Dukiverse
The Dukiverse is a friendly community dedicated towards technology and gaming, but anyone is welcome here! We tend to go off topic a lot. :p
Tricycle Cowboys Tricycle Cowboys
[16+] Welcome to the Tricycle Cowboys server! The server is made for playing video games together, making new friends, sharing your creativity with others, etc!
False Forest False Forest
This is a server for people who want a more calm time on Discord. We talk about almost anything and are open to anything~
Specta Specta
Hey guys were a 18+ gaming guild, were Super friendly and know how to have fun! we have 40 active members and looking to grow, we play most online games! [USA]