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This is a friendly community for those who are interested in getting involved with the world of science and technology. Over 4500+ Members!
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Welcome to the STEM Discord! This is a warm community focused in bringing individuals together to focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
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ドーナツ・The older demographic server・Light & serious channels・Various topics・Drama-free・Busy university student or graduated worker bee? You'll fit in here!
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Rocket Emporium is a place for space & rocket related discussion, with topics such as: aerospace, space exploration, model rockets, astronomy and many more!
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Talk to other college-students about anything and science! The thing we all have in common is our love and curiosity for science!
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A bunch of celestial fathers injecting various substances into their body to achieve immortality and manipulation of quantum forces.
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Public discord for students of Full Sail University