V3 is almost here! The first Particl V3 testnet build has successfully been compiled! There are still a few minor items to fix before it can go public, but we're happy to say that the integration of the V3 marketplace code into the new desktop client is now COMPLETE!

Now that the first build is fully compiled, the Particl team has started its internal round of testing! The team is working on picking up and fixing the last few small issues and is confident the build will be bug-free very soon!

Stay tuned for a new Development Update next week on Particl's blog! It'll contain all the latest news, updates, and important information related to what's left to do before going mainnet.

Suffice to say, glorious days are ahead for Particl and the world of eCommerce as a whole!

Sneak peek 👉 https://www.reddit.com/r/Particl/comments/jbtnhu/first_internal_testnet_build_successfully/