If you're interested in cryptocurrencies, and you probably are since you're here, then you've most definitely seen the terms "DeFi" and " Web3" thrown around. In fact, they are currently all the rage and are driving a ton of liquidity and capital into the blockchain industry 💸

But like many hype trains in the past, whether that be the dot-com bubble or the more crypto-centric ICO craze, a fair bit of skepticism and due diligence is required.

Does Web3 currently fulfill its bold promises? Does it really do what is says it does? Is it doomed to fail or is it evolving in the right direction? 🤔

We explore these questions in this article and take a look at the cold hard truth. No holds barred 🔍️

👉️ https://particl.news/web3-exposed-is-it-only-a-mirage/