October 2021 Update

Gosh has it been a month already? Cutewilderness, Demonicskittle, Ghobsmacka, Miki, Sketchi, and WolfyPies (aka Wolfyyy) have brought you new stuff to play with!

October zodiac lux Libra is brought to you by Alexern, with some other devilish things hiding in that box from Miki...

In update 0.3.38, you can edit body partz of petz after they've been created. Just go into edit your pet and click the new shop icon. It works for dragons, too!

Speaking of dragons, monthly dragon by Comedic helps set the mood. Make sure to check back next Friday for the start of our event!

The rule for accounts has been changed to 1 account per person. At the same time, storing petz is now free, so there should be no problem with running out of space. Click the arrow in the top-right corner of your petz room to store them. You can take them out anytime, too!

We decided on this rule update due to too many misunderstandings of how the secondary account can be used, resulting in abuse and unfair play. If you currently have 2 accounts and made purchases you would like to transfer, please email [email protected] with your receipts and usernames. Thanks for your understanding!