When you join our server, you find yourself in the security checkpoint. You must agree to the rules to enter.

  1. Be kind!

  2. We accept everyone. Do not be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic etc. Do not use slurs. Note a character may hate all the elves ever etc. We are talking about you, the player.

  3. No graphic sexual or violent content. If it isn't PG-13, it isn't acceptable for a public room.

  4. If you have a problem that requires attention, contact a mod or admin (green names).

  5. If you want to run a game, let's talk about it! A room will be set up for your game, an ooc room if you request it, a voice chat if you request it.

  6. As this is also our business server, please do not publicly post pirated content. What you do in messages is your business.

  7. Please DO tell us about what you make, do, run, or stream. Post it in #advertising-and-self-promotion

  8. When you play in a DMs game, you are agreeing to play by their interpretation of the rules (usually set up in session zero). Don't rules lawyer your DM to deaths, but ask about anything you want to clarify.

  9. You may play on as many games as you like, but please let DMs know when you leave a game and don't leave your party hanging.

  10. Feel free to request any bots, features or rooms you would like to see.

  11. Please make sure any player vs player interaction you have is consensual. If you are narrating your character doing things like flirting or a playful slap or something like pick pocketing them… discuss it out of character first to see if the other player is ok with it.