A tight-knit community with a focus on in-depth discussions.
A tight-knit community with a focus on in-depth discussions.
Bonsoir à tous et à toutes ! L'équipe de modération de Valnuit est heureuse de vous annoncer l'ouverture de ce nouveau serveur ! Basé sur la communication entre communautés, et suivant le fil de toute une histoire, Valnuit est une ville assez différente des autres, du fait de ses salons plus que divers ! Ainsi, laissez votre imaginaire s'adapter à ce nouveau monde, car, perdue au milieu du désert, Valnuit est toute une source d'informations et de partage. Relatez vos faits étranges vécus, publiez vos écrits, votre savoir, vos goûts en matière de littérature, de cinématographie, et partagez ainsi votre monde, à ceux qui en possède un autre. Avec le plaisir et l'espoir de vous accueillir au sein de la communauté de Valnuit, je vous souhaite un agréable voyage parmi les dérivés de l'imagination humaine. ~ L'équipe de modération -----------------------
🌟ASIAN 🌟 KPOP 🌟 GIVEAWAYS🌟 International Asian Community Discord Server. Come join! Everyone is welcomed!
anarchy server idgaf what you do here, purley for fuckery
A Fate Grand Order discord server, but everyone is welcomed!
anime gaming
Welcome to Heaven. 24/7 Active community with amazing features on our custom bot. Active VC's and a great environment. What’re you waiting for?
⚔️ Welcome to Jakubi's Sea Dogs ⚔️ This server is a Sea of Thieves gaming community mainly focused on PvP and PvE. This is a great place to come hangout and meet with other experienced pirates of Sea of Thieves, and to find an able body crew for your adventures on the open seas!
A CG/L server for all to join and be themselves, we are a small community trying to grow but keep that small server vibe
A friendly Linux Mint server for discussion and support. We welcome everyone here, regardless of your distribution or if you are using Linux yet at all.
♆ Chill server ♆ Only the necessary rules ♆ Gaming centered ♆ Community based!
♆ Chill server ♆ Only the necessary rules ♆ Gaming centered ♆ Community based!
Here we discuss the explosive Red Faction series along with other games, We attempt to the keep the multiplayer communities alive, share screenshots, stories, mods and much more! Explore the games with the best destruction engines in video games to date.
Want a place to talk about Anime and not get crowded by thousands of people? TheWorldOfWeebs is just right for you! We have channels for many different anime, we have a NSFW section and much more! Please come, we are lonely.
A friendly and wholesome server with giveaways and active staff. Simple and friendly community. ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── What do we have to offer? ✿ A friendly welcoming environment where people from all backgrounds are able to come and chat in a SFW space. ✿ Lots of giveaways including our sweet point currency of flowers, nitro giveaways and much more! ✿ Lots of roles giving our users access to different parts of the server including art, anime, music, channel, there are lots! ✿ 11 different colour roles all with cute names such as Arctic, Lilac, Lavender and Blossom. 🌸 Join us now and feel the vibe! 🌸
Welcome to Spaced Out! ☄️ We are a friendly, welcoming and accepting server that's dedicated to making friends, socializing with people from different walks of life and creating a large online community where everyone can enjoy themselves. Active staff members will ensure that everything runs smoothly and there are multiple feature-rich bots are available for your entertainment. Come space out with us today! 🚀
Hello! Welcome to Robo Paradise! Feel free to invite your robot like fursonas into here! We’re just full of protogens and even a few other species! Even if not a robo sona, feel free to join!
Build a glorious Nation! Expand your Empire, customizable role-play and go to war against others. Enjoy having the comfort of full access to the League of Nations Bot in the support server or by adding the bot to your server.
Legends foretold of a secret world underneath our word, a hidden paradise of the past, a long forgotten haven of creatures of myths and legends. This place is the world of The Hallowed, the underground sanctuary for monsters and otherworldly creatures, driven by humanity. Having different regions to discover, each with its own denizens and characters to discover and interact. Interested in traversing into a whole new world of fantasy, magic, anf myths? Enter the world of The Hallowed now and craft your own story.
"the cottage!" is a small, yet growing, tight-knit server to hangout and relax with all your friends! we provide bots with lots of action commands (including the mudae & pokecord bot) and channels themed around cottagecore and games (with emotes to match)! don't be afraid to stop by and say hi!
If you are of draconic descent, you may consider yourself welcomed. Otherwise, you have little reason to come further. Those who are of the scaled ilk, here you will find a community-based server for feral dragons or dragon-related creatures.
[New 2020] ฬelcome to 🌸cherry blossom We are Based Around Anime Everyone Is welcome we hope to grow as a beloved Anime discord server with games, contests, nitro giveaways, signing events and much more talk about your favourite anime here we give a warm welcome to all our newest members!
[New 2020] ฬelcome to 🌸cherry blossom We are Based Around Anime Everyone Is welcome we hope to grow as a beloved Anime discord server with games, contests, nitro giveaways, signing events and much more talk about your favourite anime here we give a warm welcome to all our newest members!
This is a Dark Souls 3 based and aesthetically community server, but other Dark Souls series users are welcome too. Server provides: Roles, bots, support, memes, videos, emotes and most important: Jolly cooperation. For further detail you can check in description in the server.
❄️ 100+ Members ❄️ Social ❄️ Community ❄️ XP system ❄️ Fun ❄️ Japanese Cartoons ❄️ Gaming ❄️ Memes ❄️ Cure for boredom ❄️ :) ❄️ JOIN LEWDLANDS NOW!
Мы будем рады игрокам независимо от их принадлежности к дата-центру, а так же новичкам ещё не выбравшим сервер. На нашем сервере доступно простое общение, совместные активности и помощь внутри игры. Существуют отдельные каналы для обсуждения сюжета (со спойлерами), публикации скриншотов, бота.
Gaming/Anime/Manga with a bit of Neko touch group named Neko Land are recruiting active Anime people to their ranks! If you are active, love to talk, game or simply discuss anime, then do join, you will be welcomed. And Little info about our group We have our ranks, leveling ones and honorable ones. Weekly events. Self-assigned roles. Monthly giveaways, weekly if the prize isn't too expensive. Well searched group emotes. Roleplay segments Ofc Anime channels. Possibility to win custom server tags. You can remove your mention role, if you dont need it. NSFW content, thats only self assigned! A Selfie corner. Staff members that are trying to improve the server. Always open for suggestions. Simply a chill place to hang out in. And other community like stuff! Searching for ways to spice things up. So give it a thought and join up everyone ! Maybe this will be the place where you feel comfortable enough to call The home for cats ^_^
Welcome to Metallum V! We are a small server of metal heads from all around the globe, which have gathered here to build a tight-knit community and to discuss our favorite music genre: METAL! Please read the rules and don’t be afraid to give yourself some roles for the color of your name, the instruments you play and your favorite sub-genres. And don’t forget: SLAYYYEEEEERRRR!!!
Death Metal focused server.
With thousands of verified artists by staff, specific drawing/graphical styles, we offer clients huge database of artists to select regarding commissions. Clients from E sports, Streaming, Companies, Gamers, Server owners updating their website and many more.
A school themed server. We offer you a very funny and friendly members. Join if you wanna talk with us!
🌵Official server of Youtuber/Artist, SonaDrawzStuffYT🌵 Thank you for checking us out! :D, we offer lots of things in our server, such as 🌵An active and very social chat🌵 (we have a VERY friendly, non toxic community) 🎨Share your art, ANY kind of art, with others!🎨 🎉Lots of random events in our server🎉 📰An active news channel where you can hear weekly news📰 ❓Lots of fun QOTDS!!!!❗ So what are you waiting for, come join our server now!!!
💠 An amazing Server with 400+ members💠 🔶 We offer nitro giveaways 🔷 A great community of people 🔶 Level 3 server boosted! 💠 Click on our server to view more. 💠
💠 An amazing Server with 400+ members💠 🔶 We offer nitro giveaways 🔷 A great community of people 🔶 Level 3 server boosted! 💠 Click on our server to view more. 💠
˚✿・💗 EMOTES 💗・✿˚💗 FRIENDS ˚✿・💗 COMMUNITY ˚✿・💗˚✿・ ‧ ⊹ ˚✧ 🌸 Active cute themed server, where you can make lots of new friends! 🌸 Come check us out, and have a good time! 🍓‧ ⊹ ˚✧
A server which caters to discussion on music, gaming, memes, art, conversation and open speech. (NSFW & SFW Friendly) Contact the owner: YiffButter#7750
A small SFW place. To come online and talk when you feel like it and want to make friends.
We mostly like to hang out and chat, play games from time to time, and just post memes like most people I suppose. Friendly staff and members are also here! :3
The official Discord server for the SlavoGG twitch channel! Always be updated on current news and notified when I'm streaming. Since this is a smaller server, you can easily interact with anyone on the server(that includes me!). It's your choice, but I highly recommend you join the discord and maybe join one of my streams. I always appreciate when new viewers come in!
A newer, smaller community server for any and all! The shy, the weeb, the lonely. All ages welcome and topics include: anime, writing, gaming, comic books, films and friends!
This is a rocket league discord in partnership with R6 Lounge! It is a fun discord that you can use to meet people, talk in channels, and find people from specific regions! It also allows you to track your stats from within the discord server! We're growing a large community and there will be rewards coming in the future as the server grows. React to the verification (click the globe emoji) to become part of the community!
[ Warning: Discord server mostly speaking french ] « Et à l'aube du 7 ième jour suivant la 3ième guerre mondiale, l'Ordinateur créa le Complexe Alpha ! »
A server that is created by the 3 owners who have been running a server before, in this server we try and unite as a community to talk with everyone here. We have things like: - Sponsors - Gaming - Giveaways - Friendly Staff - Cool bots And much more! Join our server today!