I'm happy to announce that discord has enabled the onboarding feature for this server. What this means is that more quality of life changes have been implemented for the server. First things first I removed all of the self rols in 🌎roles-and-levels since it's now available in the onboarding tab. Second All the info channels are no longer visible and the only way you can access it is through the server guide tab. Personally, I think this change was stupid since I already had several members come up to me and ask me why I remove the 🌎rules📃 channel and in reality it's not removed but they can't see it. Number three non-verified members can now talk in the general category which is also another discord thing that I can't change. Don't worry, I've updated the @DO NOT TRADE | Not Verified role to make sure people don't trade with those users until they verify.

Overall, the onboarding update from Discord's pretty good. I wish that I can still have the classic layout of the server, but it is what it is.