The ⁠🌎rules📃 have been updated and will go into effect tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Here's what is changed:

Trading/Selling will now be a kickable offense rather than a bannable offense. If you come back to the server and try to trade or sell accounts then you will be banned permanently. We're also including promoting/selling/trading Fortnite pullers or anything that can allow users to get access to accounts that they do not own. That will be a warning.

We no longer allow members to operate or promote scams including but not limited to anything related to "Temu" or on how they can get free money/vbucks, or telling other members to log into another account using a provided password. If caught You will be muted for 1 week and in worst cases a ban. We're still looking for some new staff, so if you want to sign up to become a moderator then you can here: