server update: To: @everyone, Hello people, I have been thinking, and it's time to give this server a new name. The server new name will be the café club.

At the end of the month, we will get together and talk about what we have done; I will also be getting 17+ game for all those who are over 17+; it is a poker game, and it's FREE to download from the app store on a mobile device or laptop. When you have downloaded it, could you send me a friend request? Then as an admin of this server, I'll be giving you 15 - 20k FREE poker chips... No cost needed!

Most rooms will be changing, and we will make the café Club safe for all. We are including those all around the world. So feel free to share this with friends and family.

The café Club meeting will be the last Saturday of every month, and the poker night for adults will be twice a month. The poker game will be private, so please download the app and send me a request; then, I’ll send you your reward.

The rules are getting updated, and the policy is changing, now you can send links if appropriate and if the team know. Some of the rules will be kept for the safety of others.

With all that's happening, this server is FREE; no need to pay for the poker game, as I'll send you poker chips, so please do not worry about the cost.

I hope everyone is ok with the changes, and “yes” this server will still have the positive vibes that it has to this day.

Thank you to all!

Sent by: O’Neill, Jordan Date: 17/06/2021 - 00:04 (UK time zone)