Years ago we started our community as a server for music producers and musicians to come and share their work with members from our server, Since then we tried to make the server centered around creators in general however this hasn't worked out well for us, in response to this we have added more music production channels overall, and now have less other channels that aren't about music production, we also replaced Atlas (Our Level Bot) with a level bot called Piggy, which allows you to use your pet to battle other members in the server, it has lots of buffs you can purchase and most importantly the we now have auto role enabled for those that level up. We also got rid of a few promo channels and combined them together to create one channel for all promo. something else we have been working hard on is our own record label, Unify Music, which is primarily a electronic music label but we do support other genres that contain aspects of electronic music within them. for example if it was hiphop, if it contained some electronic aspects, then we would accept the release depending on quality.

We hope that you join us and help regrow this server once more to it's former glory.

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