The Lusitanians Company

server to mark of war with the aim of creating a pt/br and english community in the game, training, fighting battles and having fun.

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server to mark of war with the aim of creating a pt/br and english community in the game, training, fighting battles and having fun.

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WE NEED PEOPLE WE ARE RECRUTING PEOPLE, LETS FILL THE RANKS OF THE ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lusitanians Mercenary Company

In our MoM Group, The Lusitanians Mercenary Company you can go to a regiment of your choice in the MoM community as long as it is from the uk it seems not but there you can find some interesting regiments such as rifles, hussars, belonging to royal artillery or even the reg.42nd of the Scots among others, can you change the course of the battle dare to join?

No nosso Grupo de MoM, The Lusitanians Mercenary Company você pode ir a um regimento a sua escolha na comunidade de MoM desde que seja do reino unido parece que não mas la pode encontrar alguns regimentos interessantes como os rifles os hussardos, pertencer a artilharia real ou até mesmo o reg.42nd dos escoceses entres outros, você pode mudar o rumo da batalha atrevesse a juntar?



It doesn't matter the experience with the game and the weapons, just that you are interested and don't forget that this server is for fun.

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