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A new small and friendly server that's here for meeting new people, and so much more!! We hope you join us and help the server grow! Talk about all/any of your interests!

About Server

A new small and friendly server that's here for meeting new people, and so much more!! We hope you join us and help the server grow! Talk about all/any of your interests!

Recent Posts

Improved Screening!

We've put new rules and roles in place in order to keep our server a safe and friendly place for people of all ages!

Anime/Movie Nights Coming Soon!

We plan to have shows and are still open to suggestions! Join and tell us what you'd like to see!

Some Improvements! New Custom Roles!

We now have a ton more custom roles! You can now show off certain things with your roles such as: Hobbies, Pronouns, Gender and Sexuality!

We also now have Level Up roles! Descend through the 9 levels of Hell as you stay active in the chat!

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