How do Discord Me bumps work?

Last Updated Oct 18, 2019

The bump system has been upgraded in this version of the site to help bumpers live their lives. There are a few key features to this new method.

Bumps are now 6 hours apart for everyone. We call these "bump windows".

The new team management system allows you to add people to your server to help with tasks like editing your server, posting articles, and bumping (all roles can bump).

By bumping at the start of one window and the end of another, you can have up to 12 hours between them.

Learn more about bump windows in our Bump Windows video.

Bump Windows

Bump windows are the same for everyone. They run every 6 hours.

  • Bump Window 1 (12 am to 6 am GMT)
  • Bump Window 2 (6 am to 12 pm GMT)
  • Bump Window 3 (12 pm to 6 pm GMT)
  • Bump Window 4 (6 pm to 12 am GMT)

Current Time (GMT)

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