I'm a streamer, should I have a Discord server?

Last Updated Oct 14, 2019

If you’re a Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube streamer, then community is one of the most important aspects of your streaming life. And what better way to continue the community outside of the stream than by having a Discord server? A Discord server for your stream not only allows you to continue engaging with your audience after the stream ends, but also lets your community engage with each other! While being active in your own Discord server helps, your audience will probably talk among themselves. Having some great mods can also fill in the gaps when you’re not around to keep the conversation going.

So what should you do in your server other than just talk to people? Well this is a great way to host giveaways, share your YouTube videos, and use bots to allow members to “level up” by chatting. It’s also another way to inform people when you go live, with an @everyone notification.

Make your rules clear, and keep them the same as in your stream. That way people can chat about the same things when they come over to your Discord. And don’t be afraid to share it! Include a Discord server invite link under your stream, and a !Discord command to bring up your link in chat.

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