What are Discord Me Server Pages and why did we create them?

Last Updated Jul 3, 2020

When we launched Discord Me years ago, we wanted to help people find servers they were interested in quickly. We saw a need for a more memorable link that could be dropped in chat, or told to friends while talking. Something you could recall 30 seconds to a day later. Since then, Discord Me has evolved a lot.

What are Discord Me Server Pages?

Discord Me Server Pages are pages that allow servers to express themselves in unique ways. If you think about it, a link doesn't really make you unique. Yeah, it can be awesome to have a short link that is super rememberable, but many servers are pretty similar in design. However, an active Server Page can make your community shine a little brighter.

So why did we build Discord Me Server Pages?

Server Pages allow you to have a mini-website for your server. You can add excellent banners that call out who you are, create news posts to inform the community you already have, post upcoming events, or spotlight a fantastic person in your community.

Server Pages also offer other resources and values. Do you have any posts, or maybe one from nine months ago? That might make a person browsing your server page to think that the server is not really all that active. Do you need to post every day or week? We don't believe that is something you have to do, but posting once a month will get you into our random server feature. This feature allows users to explore a number of different and unique servers with the click of a button. We limit this ability, so we don't show users old dead and inactive servers.

We also recently introduced the new Server Trailers feature for premium servers. This feature allows Gold and Platinum servers to post a short YouTube promoting their servers community. We've already seen a few servers using this in unique ways, and we only expect more ideas to pop up.

Server Pages also offer one more super important role. They help search engines like Google and Bing index your community. This means that users can find your community directly in search. However, search engines like Google like it when there is new or useful content. We've seen communities super excited when Google suggests their community at the top of search results. Being at the top of the search can drive unique traffic right into your community.

An important note: When servers choose to bypass our server pages (a premium feature), we can on longer tell Google how great your community is. This is because we redirect users right into your Discord server, and Google does not like this all that much. It's not useful to them.

How can I go the extra mile?

Here is something I will ask you. Why does it have to only to be you? Why not involve your community. This will help make your community feel more involved and proud of the work they are doing. Do you have a user that loves to write? Make them the lead writer on your community for your Discord Me Server Page or other places like Social Media.

Have someone that is an excellent video editor or trying to get better? Have them help make an epic trailer that makes your community stand out.

We recommend at least posting every 30 days as our random button will put you in the loop for people exploring, and it also shows exploring users and Google your page is active and evolving.

Have fun with it, involve your community, and if you don't want to do it, you don't have to. We hope this guide helps.

~ Shylor

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