Welcome to Ace of Spades Global! This is the main discord server that houses Staff and the Developers and Owners: Supernova and CumCo of the Ace of Spades server [AOSG].

Here are a few things to note: ALL Staff, Moderators, Coordinators are volunteers. They are under no obligation to help you. If you are having trouble, please be patient and considerate, no one can give you what you want whenever you want. There are wonderful volunteers willing to help you if you are so!

AOSG Staffs also adhere to these rules, just like you should!

The rules, which are fairly basic, are:

🔠 Use English - This is a mainly English-speaking server, but stay language-considerate.

🤔 Use common sense - Do not be rude, do not spam ping someone.

🗣️ Keep the discussion on-topic and in the appropriate channel - Media means videos and pictures, music means the stuff you listen and groove to, etc.

🙊 Do not be racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. - Yes, we're modern. Get in the game.

🍼 Use an appropriate name and profile picture - Names and profile pictures count, if you don't adhere to this we will make you adhere by changing your name for you! Don't be a baby!

❌️ Do not troll or be malicious - Trolling includes unwanted messages!

❌️ Absolutely NO NSFW - NSFW means showing ungodly amounts of skin real or fake, death and violence.

❌️ No suspicious content or piracy or hacking - Ace of Spades Korea! in no way condones hacking! Hacking is illegal everywhere! Here's an entertaining video about Discord hackers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn-B-3NPYnY

AOSG Server In-game Rules:

  1. No trolling. This includes teamkilling, trapping a teammate in blocks, and griefing.
  2. No hacking. If caught, you will be given a permanent ban.
  3. If you've gotten banned from the server, do not evade your ban. You will be caught, and you will be banned without a chance to appeal. If you are banned and want to appeal it, contact an admin.
  4. When using /votekick, please add a valid reason such as hacking, griefing, teamkilling, etc.
  5. Don't try to punish rulebreakers yourself, please contact an staff member. If there's no staff online, use /votekick and give a valid reason.