Have you ever wondered what its like to offline raid the Mega Tribe Bases? Ever wanted to take back the claimed lands of the Official server Alpha Tribes?
Now's your chance to have your shot at retaliation! ARKsurvivalism is hosting Raiding events using Official server save files for your offline raiding pleasure! Great way to get started in ARK is with somebody elses hard work so come join us and Raid the Alphas! Current event: The-OC-TheCenter637 Alpha Tribe: B&W Rates: 25x HARVEST 25x TAMING 15x XP Mods: None Duration: 1 week steam://connect/ The best time to Join the ARKsurvivalism is NOW! The Raiding Event is boosted with higher rates for new players to get a foothold in the 3x-5x-7x cluster right before the release of CRYSTAL ISLES in JUNE!